The Rant

The name Chattanooga is actually an ancient Cherokee Indian word which means "interstate under repair."

Bucket list item No. 1 for Titanic sub billionaires should have been: "Don't do anything that will prevent me from completing bucket list."

Study by Northwestern University says the U.S. is losing two newspapers a week. Hang on, CTFP. We need you to keep telling us what's happening.

I wonder how many of my wonderful friends would dump me if they knew I'm a closet Democrat? Most of them, I reckon.

Without "freedom of speech," we wouldn't know who the idiots are.

UTC tuition is up to $10,000 per semester, $21,000 a year. Unaffordable for so many. Just learn a trade, kids!

Little Debbie Park not welcomed by Greenbriar Cove residents. It adversely affects its residents due to higher traffic, traffic congestion and terrible planned parking.

CTFP, what in the world is columnist like Dr. William Holland Jr. doing under the Faith and Family page when he is very clearly political?

Let's be real. With the projected increase in traffic on I-24, the only hope is an elevated second level from Lookout to the split.

The new song playing inside the elevators at the White House is "Cocaine Blues" by Johnny Cash.

How long until someone, with kids in tow, tootling along city streets in a golf cart, is involved in a serious accident? Common sense and safety are out the window.

Moms for Liberty? What claptrap! Moms for: dictating what books/curriculum are allowed in schools, type of health care you can seek for your child, what political/religious/ideas taught.

A Subway sign that said "Our subs don't implode" was in very poor taste.

How prime! Ole Joe touts taxing the rich, but his son doesn't pay taxes on millions received from overseas. Can't make this stuff up.

Pete, all you tell us is expect airport delays, experience train derailments, bridges collapsed, ports clogged. Have you done one good thing for us?

What happened to the content of your character as evaluation? Does it not matter anymore? People with poor character want handouts. Character, achievement beat lazy.

A "candidate desert" for president will exist in the 2024 election due to no living viable candidate.

Bidenomics: high inflation, rising interest rates, shortages, stolen COVID dollars, increasing national debt, printing money, workers staying home. No successes.

Have never seen such political vitriol in my 70 years. Republicans want to eradicate Democrats. What do you call a one party system? A dictatorship!

Joe, you stepped in it big when you promised student loan cancellation to garnish votes. Won't work again. Thank heavens. It's debt owed. Period.

Alito and Thomas think we just fell off the hay truck.

Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson is worth more than all of Trump's appointees combined.

Mike Pence gets an A+ for never actually answering a question.

A.I. is going to be a nightmare. I'm not gonna know what's real anymore.

Biden had his vote-buying scheme of cancelling student debts stopped by the Supreme Court. But he can cancel my home mortgage. I can be bought.

Biden says the economy is good, so why are ESPN, Disney, Google and META laying off a lot of employees?