The Rant

If pro golfers start moaning, groaning and grunting on their downswings, I'll stop watching just like I have done with tennis. It's gotten ridiculous!

Neither affirmative action nor legacy preferences are fair. Both are prejudiced and have been since their inception. Merit only!

How unfortunate that UTC does not have a baseball team. So many quality players in this area.

I could vote for a Republican candidate for president if they could party like W, dress like JFK and think like Reagan.

Sen. Tommy Tuberville: Let the Marines have a leader; they need a leader, and this affects our national defense.

Senior centers are important assets for our community, but for $7,000-a-month rent? Hmm.

Were all the extra neighborhood fireworks displays around July 4 due to the city's non-funding of Pops on the River? Wondering.

Wow. Lots (as in pounds of fentanyl and meth) of deadly drugs confiscated in ... Soddy-Daisy? Who is the guy working for?

Has anyone noticed that liberals never talk about hard work and the "American Dream." They think the government is supposed to give them the "American Dream."

We often tell our loved ones we love them, but how often do we tell them we appreciate them?

Woman killed on 11th Street: With all the milling about from area dwellers, who don't respect traffic, it's a wonder it's not one death per week.

I went to war to defend people whose children are now trashing my neighborhood. Irate.

Mark Cuban says "woke" is good business. Anti-woke promotes meritocracy, and that kills businesses.

Don't like forgiving college loans, but understand debt burden. In '70s and '80s, people could work off student debt with public service. Bring that back. Everybody wins!

Hey, PGA. You could've gotten Bezos or Gates to buy you. You didn't have to go for the Saudis. Sorry 9-11 folks, and Mr. Khashoggi.

Fifty years ago, our city fathers wanted to put a 200-unit public housing complex on Moccasin Bend. Glad that didn't work out.

I wonder if SCOTUS's ruling allows me to follow my religious beliefs not to serve racists and bigots. Makes sense that it would.

Joe's for gun control, but his son illegally owns a gun. He's pro choice and doesn't choose one of his grandchildren. Doesn't do what he says.

"Navy Jones Roberts." Papa Joe says her name. Acknowledges her. Proof that the family tree (Joe) won't let the rotten apple (Hunter) fall any farther.

A lie is still a lie no matter how fervently someone believes it and should be called out. "Trumpers" hate that.

If wisdom comes with age, so does mumbling, stumbling, bumbling. See Joe. Sad.

When County Attorney Rheubin Taylor's contract is up in 2025, wonder if commissioners will allow the next attorney to work on the side? Doubt it.

Lauren Boebert and her family are living proof of our desperate need for sex education and pregnancy prevention instruction in high schools.

It's not the cross-dressing in plays and musicals that's the problem. It's the intent with what is displayed elsewhere and why.

Marsha Blackburn said mitigating climate change was too expensive. How much have we spent so far on devastating weather? You are not a bright woman.