5-at-10: British Open predictions, super dude Brock Bowers, sports debate debate

Northern Ireland's Rory McIlroy lifts the trophy following day four of the Genesis Scottish Open 2023 golf tournament at The Renaissance Club, North Berwick, Britain, Sunday, July 16, 2023. (Jane Barlow/PA via AP)
Northern Ireland's Rory McIlroy lifts the trophy following day four of the Genesis Scottish Open 2023 golf tournament at The Renaissance Club, North Berwick, Britain, Sunday, July 16, 2023. (Jane Barlow/PA via AP)

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Open for business

So Rory McIlroy is everyone's pick this week at the British Open.

Makes sense.

He's the poster boy for the anti-LIV crowd. He's playing great right now. He won at Royal Liverpool the last time the Open was there in 2014.

And while I hope he gets it done, I'm having a hard time pulling that trigger.

Here are five random predictions for this week's British Open:

— Scottie Scheffler finishes top 10. That's not random, not even risky, to be honest. That said, here's hoping at some point he drops the "-tie" at the end end just becomes Scott Scheffler. It's time.

— Jordan Spieth misses the cut. What's the word to describe Jordan's career at this point? He jumped to center stage as one of the most acclaimed amateur and college players in the past decade plus. He has won — and won majors — but if we had to describe his career, I'd likely go "very good but not great." Thoughts?

— A LIV player will be in the mix to the very end. It could be Big Game Brooks, who shows up and delivers at the majors. I think it could also be Bryson DeChambeau. Or Dustin Johnson.

— The bellyaching about 17 will reach untenable levels. C'mon guys. You are the best in the world and it's a 140-yard par 3. Flush a wedge and go two-putt and move along.

— Viktor Hovalnd lifts the Claret Jug. It's time. And he's made for this course and this event.

How good?

So David Paschall is at SEC media days. He's definitely in his element there.

And in today's fish wrapper, he poses an interesting question to all-World Georgia tight end Brock Bowers.

Could he win the Heisman as a tight end? Interesting.

Bowers is a bona fide dude, even getting carries running the ball.

Heisman or no — and let's face it, that's a really long shot, all things considered — I have another question to pose, especially for you loyal Dawg barkers among us.

Is Brock Bowers the best UGA offensive player since Herschel?


(Side note: Man, Bowers is going to be a dude on Sundays in the not too distant future.)

Debate about debate

So two of the heaviest of hitters in sports media/commentary are haggling.

(Side note: That haggling is a good word.)

Stephen A. Smith, right there with Greenie as the most recognizable and ubiquitous face at ESPN currently, and former ESPN star Dan Le Batard got beef.

Here's the background and it centers on Le Batard's contention that Stephen A. — known as Screamin' A. to a lot of us — was the ring-leader of the "debate" format of sports shows has ruined ESPN and sports on TV.

Caveat here: I loved Le Batard and his band of misfits. I miss them on my radio. And I think Le Batard, a great writer who made his bones at the Miami Herald, is a brilliant talent, maybe as talented as anyone in this industry.

That said, Le Batard may have a point about the banality of the format, but Stephen A. makes multiple valid points, too. Including the one about ESPN making Le Batard a star and a multi-millionaire.

The layered parts of this beef about Jemele Hill's role are interesting, too.


This and that

— You know the rules. Here's TFP sports editor Stephen Hargis with the skinny on a Red Bank star football player transferring to Oakland in Murfreesboro.

— Braves played. Braves lost. That's three straight setbacks, and the pitching staff has allowed 6, 8 and now 16 runs in those losses. Also of note, Austin Riley drove in seven last night. Buckle up because dude is about to get hotter than South Georgia asphalt in August.

Today's questions

Which way Wednesday starts this way.

Which tight end is the best in SEC history? Is Bowers headed there?

Which do you prefer, Stephen A or Dan Le Batard?

As for today, July 19, let's review.

On this day in 1941 Tom and Jerry was launched.

Rushmore of cartoon duos. Go.