The Rant

Give your air-conditioning technicians a hug and tell them thank you. They are truly first responders and life-savers during this heat wave.

Hamilton Countians: If we're all drowning in untreated raw sewage, everyone's property values will go down.

Hey Rheubin Taylor or Weston Wamp: Don't you dare use our tax money to settle your dispute.

Wake up! Moms for Liberty rightfully objects to so-called educators force-feeding immoral trash to age-inappropriate children.

"Some Christians still support Trump." Wrong. You can't praise Trump out of one side of your mouth and Jesus Christ out of the other.

NRA, was the perpetrator in the drive-by shooting that killed a teen-aged boy in Chattanooga protecting his home? His family?

Will the feds' crackdown on "robocalls" include all the ones we get from political candidates? I sure hope so.

The recent commentary, "Dysfunctional First Family," was disturbing and misleading. Why you chose to print it makes me realize CTFP is grasping for sensationalism.

The Republicans running for president who have no chance of winning should pull out and donate any cash on hand to the Wounded Warrior Project

If Hunter is a private citizen, why did six Secret Service vehicles take him to court? He's White House living on our tax dollars.

Government hearings on UFOs will find that the UFOs believe that Earth is too violent and primitive to contact directly.

Our national booby-trap, the Electoral College, violates will of the people. Dates to quill pen and abacus, but is only "election" Trump ever won.

Hey Joe, "He who molds public opinion is greater that he who enacts laws." — Abraham Lincoln. So true.

How did the Republican Party (1854) go from being anti-slavery to Florida Republicans saying slaves got a benefit from being a slave?

The mainstream media is obsessed with how great artificial intelligence robots will be. Joe Biden is their first production of robots being in charge!

A new potential running mate for Donald Trump is Jason Aldean; they think the same way.

The deserter who ran to North Korea deserves to remain there. He is a disgrace to America and to every man and woman who proudly serves or served.

We need Steve Irwin or Marlin Perkins to capture that angry sea otter taking peoples' surfboards and kayaks away from them

Instead of "Where's Waldo?" Parker Brothers has come up with a new game: "Where's Melania?"

If you're a builder or Realtor, or among those who invited Ron DeSantis here, I'm done doing business with you.

James Carville calls her "white trash," but we hope MTG becomes Trump's running mate, serving him in the role Sarah Palin made famous.

Since Israel is not now nor ever has been a democracy, stop sending our billions of tax dollars to prop up this country.

Imagine Jill's level of tension, watching both husband and son bring down the house of cards. The truth will find you out.

Why can we not get answers to cocaine found in the White House, Hunter's laptop, taxes, funds from and to China and Ukraine? C'mon man.