The Rant

You rich congressmen have played with real people's livelihoods. Just raise the debt limit before you ruin 90% of your constituents' lives.

In the play "Lysistrata" by Aristophanes, women denied sex to men to stop a war. Might work for abortion bans.

When officials talk about "affordable housing," they aren't talking about housing for the homeless.

Thank you, city of Chattanooga, for paving one-half of Gunbarrel Road. Can't wait for the rest to be done. Makes a huge difference.

On Memorial Day, I always think of those who were killed, gave their lives, because some politician told them they had to go.

What has been going on in D.C. is a pathetic, shameful reminder that our politicians are more interested in grandstanding than in our country. Kabuki theater.

To the person who thinks TFP is leftist biased: You've been watching too much Fox News! Get your head out!

Six letters to the editor last Sunday: two middle of the road and four far left. Not one letter from a conservative? Pravda is alive and well.

With the transfer portal, does any college athlete ever remain loyal to their first school, or heaven forbid, go to get a college education?

Really enjoying new TFP food writer Andre James' well-written Restaurant Scene column. Delivers an insightful, informative and entertaining perspective. Keep up the good work!

Paul Krugman predicted a global recession with no end in sight if we elected Trump. The TFP looks foolish to continue carrying his columns.

Blue Cross: $100 million for parks? How about using that money to stabilize or even reduce premiums. You're in the insurance business, not recreation.

Jake from State Farm doesn't work in California anymore as it has stopped selling homeowners insurance there.

Trump opposes birthright citizenship and "chain migration," or immigrants' families joining them here. Even though that's how his in-laws became Americans.

Greatest threat to will of the people is a booby-trap from the 1700s, the so-called Electoral College. Enabled a loser to seize the White House.


Every civilization throughout history that spent one-half of its budget on its military collapsed.

Considering Tennessee's abortion laws, our state government should address the high number of rural hospital closings and the lack of an obstetrician in many counties.

Alabama, how could you elect Tommy Tuberville as senator when he believes inner-city teachers can't read or write?

Companies are cutting back capital expenditures due to a looming recession. Disney cancels a $1 billion project. How convenient to blame it on DeSantis. Nice cover story.

To a Florida mother: "Childless adults" do understand what it is like to be child and would have fun at Disney World, so no ban on them.

Democrats = tax and spend. Republicans = cut taxes and spend! Note the common denominator!

Primary party voting by party is not voter suppression. Voting for the least popular candidate is wrong. Each party does it. Let the party pick their candidate.

We don't need the lovable old grandpa, Biden, or the the crazy old uncle, Trump, to be our president.

So 10-year-old girls should be forced to give birth, but explicit "low T" radio and TV commercials airing frequently are just fine? Huh?