The Rant

423 soon to be required for dialing local numbers. Procrastinators, do yourselves a favor. Start editing your contacts now.

No officer, I am not driving drunk. I'm just trying to navigate around all of the potholes.

Motel 6 is a more creative name than Hotel Chalet.

Tennessee should change its nickname from the Volunteer State to the Litigation State. Every time I pick up the TFP someone has filed a frivolous lawsuit in federal or state court.

Republican politicians, you were not elected to spew hate on and write laws against LGBTQI people. Get to work on real issues.

Got to laugh at left-wing pundits who said Biden should not budge an inch on debt negotiations but are now saying what he gave up wasn't much.

Once, liberals protested Chick-fil-A for its higher-ups not being more accepting of gays. Now conservatives boycott Chick-fil-A for recognizing LGBTQ issues. Will this mean shorter lines for more tolerant moderates?

Trump cult members: You side with Russia, and you support legislation that cuts Social Security and keeps drug prices high. And you call yourself patriots. Right.

I agree with Geraldo that President Biden should pardon Trump if he agrees not to run for president.

No abortions and no medical care for transgenders is denying people control over their bodies, thus, fascism raising its ugly head.

Not sure why previous roadside trash collection stopped before, but glad the county officials have pushed it to resume again in a big way.

Republican state legislators who throw in the towel on potential solutions before the special legislative session don't deserve our support.

The old saying "Men are like fish; they always get in trouble when they open their mouths" describes Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump.

Why can Pepto Bismol be the answer to so many problems and Biden be the problem to so many?

Would we want our doctors or electricians to be advanced if they hadn't learned their trades? We shouldn't want it for our third graders.

Illogical and self-serving to compare politicians by saying "so and so" is/was worse than "so and so." Bad is bad, period.

Don't play leapfrog with a unicorn.

Too bad the defense contractors, NASA, drug companies, oil industry and agri-business have more lobbyists than poor people. The GOP is special interest.

Some working women demand (rightfully and necessarily) lactation facilities, while others demand (selfishly and often later regretfully) to never need those facilities.

Fellow Republicans/conservatives, Trump cannot win under any circumstance -- way too much baggage. Please enthusiastically support a Republican candidate who can win.

Whatever happened to the controversy between the county mayor and the county attorney? Did it get settled and someone forgot to tell us?

How long before the woke wackos demand that Winn-Dixie changes its name?

Trump as president in 2025 will be about revenge and DeSantis as president in 2025 will be about enacting policies; therefore, I would choose policies.

Increased antisemitism points to fascism (Germany, World War II) growing in our country.

Marsha Blackburn in 2017 said she was "proud to be politically incorrect;" however, she must have meant to say she was "proud to be politically incoherent."