The Rant

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Looks like "wokeism" has taken over the TFP! Censorship of one comic for the cartoonist's comments is pretty bad; the other 364 days the strip has run and not been offensive is intolerant in itself.

Thanks for canning "Dilbert." It's gotten nasty and not funny over time. It's too bad, but Scott Adams blew it. And he knew it when he did it.

Thank you, Clay Bennett, for Wednesday's editorial cartoon. Thanks for not skirting the issue.

I'm a gun owner, but think the Second Amendment should be abolished. It's a get-out-of-jail-free card.

USPS delivery is sporadic, sloppy. I'm getting neighbor's mail. Who's getting my mail? Privatize USPS!

Let's review: MTG heckles POTUS during SOTU, then gets yelled at herself, then declares, "People used to respect others even if they had different views, but not anymore." Pot, meet Kettle.

Do you understand now, from depositions, that Fox "News" has been lying to you?

The Gene Collier commentary, "Lady and the Trump," on a recent Chattanooga Times opinion page was clever, except Empty Greene, aka MTG, ain't no lady.

GOP platform in three words: fear, anger, attack.

Since abortion is not in the Bible and God doesn't forbid it, how can you kill something even God doesn't recognize? I guess you make up your own religion.

The "national pastime" in America is not baseball; rather, it's blaming someone else for your problems and troubles.

To the individual who took a granddaughter to "My Fair Lady" and was surprised and offended by men in drag, I say: Honi soit qui mal y pense.

I still don't get why our police chief decided to keep those cops who didn't seem to mind perjuring themselves on the stand. Not good people.

It's not about whether you think the rest of us should pay others' school loans. It's whether the president has the power to cancel government debt.

I pay 22% tax on my Social Security, which was already taxed. Hedge fund managers pay 20% on incomes in the tens of millions.

"Patriot" Ron Hart should write a column explaining why he supports Putin over our president. Never a negative word about the Russian leader.

I dressed up in lingerie for a school show, and you dressed up as a cheerleader. Gov. Lee, it's still drag.

Embarrassing to watch U.S. Rep. Andy "Santos" Ogles try to get out of one of his many lies. Sorry, can't remember my college major!

Never mind the balloons. China's TikTok is far more a weapon against America. People don't see it; they don't care.

DEI: What does diversity, equity, inclusion offer that is not already included in the U.S. Constitution?

If Putin wins Ukraine, we'll have to station even more troops in Poland, etc. That might cost much more than his war on democracy.

It's funny people are more worried about Ukraine and could care less about a corporate railway derailment.

Marjorie Taylor Greene votes "no" on mourning 50,000 Turkey/Syria earthquake victims. I vote "no" on ever spending another dime in North Georgia.

We need a JFK-type of candidate who can inspire us to "do the right thing" because Biden and Trump can't do it.

Mexico should hire the Wagner Group (Russian mercenaries) to get rid of the Mexican drug cartels that are terrorizing the country.

Come on, America! We can do better in 2024 than Biden v. Trump.

I'm tired of Biden criticizing businesses that pay no taxes. They are going by the tax laws that Joe wrote during his 50 years in the Senate.