The Rant

On a recent Sunday at 6:15 a.m., the Chattanooga Police firing range greeted the morning with automatic gunfire. Time to claim the land for the Moccasin Bend National Park.

Koch's Bakery closing. God bless Barbara Davis for treating us to so many treats and smiles. Thankfully, the donut mural survived city's overzealous sign inspector!

Formerly: "Nothing good happens after midnight." But ... stray bullets at 7:32 p.m. near Hamilton Place and 8:48 p.m. on Broad Street. Now, nothing good happens after 7:31 p.m.

Incessant, deafening motorcycle and car racing noise on Veterans Bridge and North Shore make me wish state would outlaw drag racing -- not drag shows.

What in the world is the problem at the Postal Service? I get no mail for three days, then all of a sudden I get eight to 10 pieces in one day?

So are downtown shootings an acceptable way of life in Chattanooga?

In simple terms, the top 1% earn one-quarter of total income but pay one-half the total taxes. Virtually one half of population pays zero taxes.

Gov. Bill Lee should be focusing more on homeless, health care, infrastructure, education vs drag queen shows. Absolutely absurd.

Walgreens should look out for women's health and sell its abortion pill in every state, red or blue, not succumb to politics. What is happening?

You understand that CRT doesn't exist in our schools, right? It's a class in law school.

Two teenager-related shootings now called "something we typically see." DA will change the narrative by prosecuting these assassins as adults. Word will spread.

State level enforcer of new drag show laws should receive appropriate title. Maybe "Bishop Tu-Tu."

Tennessee legislature: How does a transgender person going through the transition affect the lives of any other Tennessean?

A new divorce law dealing with pets is being considered by Tennessee; consequently, could that mean that "pet support" is on the horizon?

Mayor Kelly, are any of the 484 new homes going up in East Brainerd going to be for the homeless?

Why would Chuck Fleischmann ever hold a town hall or a roundtable when his district runs from Kentucky to Georgia. His re-elections are locked in.

Hamilton County Commission, Mayor Wamp, Mayor Kelly, City Council: Can you give us the date when there will be a groundbreaking for the new Lookouts stadium?

If you believe Biden cut taxes for corporations and the rich over 50 years, you live in a dream world.

Talk about making up you own religion. "Abortion" is not in the Bible, but the sixth commandment is. Careful what you put in God's mouth.

I made a list of Biden's presidential achievements. When I finished, I still had plenty of space on the back of my cancelled postage stamp.

Fox News' name should be changed to Fox Fantasy Entertainment for its single digit-IQ MAGA audience.

State lawmakers should replace our strict abortion ban with a law containing reasonable exemptions. There's overwhelming evidence most Americans (including Tennesseans) favor such legislation.

Liberals say "my body, my choice" about abortion but change their tune when it comes to vaccine mandates and other issues. What?

Violent demonstrations at the "Cop City" site in Atlanta prove that Marjorie Taylor Greene was right in calling them "a terrorist group."

As long as there is an AOC and her craziness in Congress, I shall, as a counterbalance, support MTG and her craziness.