The Rant

Listen to Hamilton County Juvenile Judge Rob Philyaw on current legislation moving through the House: 13-year-olds don't belong in adult court. Prisons aren't equipped for them.

Hell hath frozen over. I just drove Fourth Street through every green traffic light, from 127 exit to Georgia Avenue, without stopping.

Attention bank CEOs: "Economics for Dummies" is available on Amazon for $18.19. Buy a copy. Pay attention to chapter on interest rate risk.

"Social-emotional" coaches/student behavior problems -- parents, where are you? Don't have children if you want others to be responsible for their upbringing.

Surely everyone understands the symbolism of the Russian jet's fuel spray onto the U.S. drone.

Is no one concerned our police chief thinks shootings at Hamilton Place and other downtown locales are "not unusual," in other words, "normal"?

Well, how is the school system going to pay for these new "coaches" in every school? Am I crazy for thinking this is crazy?

Great news that Finley Stadium is going cashless. With inflation and bank failures, many more people will have the option to be cashless.

"If ye have done it unto the least of these" ... St. Alban's gets it. The Lord is pleased.

Let mommies handle our nation's finances. They balance budgets every day.

Stealing toothpaste from a store gets you prison time. Trying to overturn an election deserves time, too. Nobody in this country is above the law.

Chattanooga Tourism Company called "Chattanooga" Tourism Company because it operates in Chattanooga. Not neighborly to arrange crushing car rally through neighboring county's serene forests.

Elvis movies elevated to criminal pornography by legislature? "Elvis the Pelvis," tight, flaring bell-bottoms, shiny buckles, gyrating hips in prurient manner. Tennessee's favorite son demeaned.

The other day I saw the wind blow an empty grocery cart into a car. Please put the carts in the cart return racks.

"Experts" who say we won't be responsible for bailing out the banks know less about finance and economics than we do.

I've been saying for ages that a Ferris wheel, a la London Eye or Pigeon Forge Island, would look awesome downtown. Someone else thinks so, according to March 19 rant.

Bank CEOs sell their stocks right before their banks explode and don't get punished. We do. We need accountability and regulation.

"This commission [TCCY] was created to improve the status of children," yet "Tennessee has highest rate of foster care instability." So why not abolish the agency?

Any Hamilton County senator or representative who votes to abolish the TCCY should be voted out of office.

Seen on the internet: If you want others to suffer because "I suffered and I turned out all right," you did not, in fact, turn out all right.

"Greed is good!" -- Gordon Gekko. Financial crises occur when banks and investment companies play fast and loose with other people's money. History is replete with these events.

Isn't being woke preferable to being asleep?

Whose borders are more important: Ukraine's or America's?

Biden economics: "I spend. You pay."

"MAGAts" constantly whining about "the Biden economy." Then I see them lined up to buy a $6 cup of coffee at Starbucks.

Flash: The Oscars just announced a late gold statue going to Tucker Carlson for editing of "January 6th, Sightseeing the Capitol."

This country has me worried. I'm rotating in bed at night like a gas station hot dog.