The Rant

Wow, Joe Biden confiscates my 401 savings for international entitlements, and now Walker County wants my property for future development. "Let's just tax the old folks off their homes!"

What's wrong with being "woke?" It means you are against racial discrimination. That's a good thing.

The barbarians are at the gates, and Rome has begun to burn.

Let's eliminate wimpy politicians who pick on the rights of transgenders, gays, women, all to divert from the real problem, which is gun control.

It is shameful to see the total lack of coverage our leftist media has given to the corruption and political influence our FBI and justice system have experienced these last 10 years.

TFP cartoonist Clay Bennett's definition of democracy is electing and sustaining Democrats in office, no matter what they do.

With many noncitizens being sent to northern cities by bus, could the buses on the return trip stop in Tennessee and load up with armadillos to take back to Texas?

Before some cyber criminal robs me blind, hopefully he will at least tell me what my password was.

Other countries have mentally ill people, and they haven't had 225 mass shootings in five months. It's gun availability.

Would our military stage a coup to get our country back on the right track due to border problems, home-grown terrorists, political instability?

Hagerty, Fleischmann, DesJarlais: Support assault weapons ban or be an accomplice to murder. Your choice.

Speaker McCarthy is right in that unspent COVID funds should be returned to the government.

If the government defaults, then Congress shouldn't get paid.

The separation of church and state does not mean separation of God and state. Note God's presence in the Declaration of Independence and in every state's constitution, even California's.

Evangelical Christians, does character matter to you, or does it not?

Thugs are now victims. Criminals are heroes. Guilty are released. No consequences for breaking the law. Everything's racial. Everyone entitled. Samaritans arrested. Upside-down world.

CNN: You call a room filled with Trump supporters a town hall? It was a MAGA rally.

Democrats keep government in forward gear; Republicans prefer reverse but gladly will settle for being the pesky parking brake.

Trump destroying himself — along with GOP — is, of course, beneficial to the whole nation but shouldn't take so long.

George Santos' constituents say they are deeply embarrassed by him. I know how they feel. MargieQ is my representative.

Democrats, leave CNN alone as it was just doing its job. Try doing yours.

Obama has been repeatedly quoted as saying, "Don't underestimate Joe's ability to 'f' things up." Aren't the last two years proof enough?

Look at who's doing the serious crimes in our city and around the country. Seriously, be honest and look at the demographics. Now let's talk.

If someone gives you the "finger," just think of it as if they gave you half of a peace sign.

Thanks, CNN, for unleashing the devil himself, Trump. This sociopath spewed fear, anger, lies in full view. He showed us no strength, only mental illness.

Remember that the vaccine for the Trump virus was given on 11-3-20, and the booster shot will be given on 11-5-24.