The Rant

Thank you to the person who paid for my lunch at the East Ridge Krystal drive-thru on May 6. What a blessing to be on the receiving end of a random act of kindness!

The creative designs on the utility boxes downtown are delightful!

Please don't ask a caregiver if they're taking "time for themselves" unless you have "time to give."

So every department, service or program at the Hamilton County Health Department has no financial need, which if met, could enhance or strengthen its services?

With $10 million for paving, surely something can be done with Holtzclaw Avenue, especially 23rd Street to Bailey Avenue; 23rd to Main Street is dangerous!

Only thing faster than Chattanooga's internet speed is the time between massacre of children by assault rifles and legislative leadership pandering to gun lobby.

What's with all the trash at the entrances to our beautiful downtown? The West Fourth Street entrance needs help.

The Convention Center needs serious attention to the impression it creates for visitors. Blowing the leaves and debris away from the main and side entrances is sorely needed. Power washing comes next.

Public money for Dupont redevelopment? There should be developer obligation to keep Access Road-Hixson Pike clean and swept for dirt and rocks damaging cars.

Our public school teachers these days are more interested in a child's sexuality? Sixty-five percent of the kids can't read or do basic math. Have we lost our minds?

Strong families help prevent mass shootings, gang memberships and crime, while promoting education, reading, consequences and good citizenship. Teach good parenting. Require it as consequence.

Editorial proposing legislators hear from constituents before gun session: What about murdered constituents? Can murder victims speak? If massacred before voting age, do legislators care?

Why not have those seeking parole or early release first be required to speak to a youth group about the fallout of criminal activities?

So if a person is drunk in a driverless car and not behind the wheel, who gets the DUI?

Politicians make crappy doctors.

Congress hasn't even taken the initiative to regulate social media. How ever are they going to be able to regulate AI?

Republicans claim to be concerned about spending, but they flat-out refuse to help reduce the deficit by closing tax loopholes that would raise $40 billion.

Looks like the Texas legislature's solution to school shootings is to teach students how to correctly tourniquet wounds.

Hunter Biden claims in court he has paid $750,000 to support his 4-year-old daughter, who he has never met, but citing politics, won't let her have his surname. Classy.

"Pregnant people," now routinely insinuated into The Times, is an insult to women. Any man offended by the word "woman" is a misogynist.

Hillsdale College's newly approved charter school in Rutherford County presents an immediate opportunity for it to offer a Tucker Carlson Chair of Excellence faculty position.

Believe I will contribute to the legal defense fund for the NYC subway Marine rather than that of Hunter Biden. Not a difficult choice.

All you global warming activists: It's called four seasons — spring, summer, winter and fall. Occurs annually. Created by all the hot air in Washington.