Best and worst Chattanooga-area restaurant inspection reports for the week ending May 23, 2023

The Hamilton County Health Department inspects restaurants twice a year and grades the businesses on a 100-point scale. Scores below 70 require corrective action. Restaurants are reinspected if they fail to meet critical standards.

To file a health-related complaint, call the Department of Environmental Health at 423-209-8110. The scores are original and do not reflect on-the-spot changes, which sometimes lead to upward adjustments.


Week ending May 23, 2023; no failures reported.

73 Miller's Ale House #94

2119 Gunbarrel Rd; Reasons included multiple foodborne illness risk factors were out of compliance, and the person in charge was not in control or knowledgeable about foodborne illness risk factors or illness policy. One hand-sink in the kitchen did not have paper towels, and the other hand-sink was not dispensing paper towels properly. One sanitizer bucket was found at zero ppm of chlorine. The high temperature dish machine was not sanitizing at the minimum required temperature to sanitize properly. Two lowboy coolers were holding temperature-control foods between 50 and 60 degrees instead of 41 degrees or below. Embargoed foods included 6 pounds of mixed shredded cheese, 6 pounds of sliced tomatoes, 4 pounds of black bean salad, 3 1/2 pounds of pico de gallo, 1 1/2 pounds of shredded cabbage, 5 pounds of meatloaf, 2 pounds of pulled pork, 1 pound of prime rib, 2 pounds of rice, 10 pounds of raw chicken, 1 pound of cooked onions, 1 pound of cooked mushrooms, 1 pound of cooked bell peppers and 3 pounds of vegetables in butter. The prime rib in the walk-in cooler did not have a date mark, and multiple utensil handles were touching food products. Dishes were being stacked while wet, and the inside of the ice machine was dirty. The floor was missing tiles and was dirty underneath the dry storage shelving. Multiple employee beverages were stored improperly in the kitchen.

75 100 Hibachi & Sushi

5513 State Highway 153, Suite 117; Reasons included inadequate control over food safety risk factors and no illness policy available. No paper towels were accessible at the front hand-sink, and lids were stacked in the back hand-sink. No surface sanitizing was observed. Wet towels were being used to wipe surfaces, and no sanitizer buckets were available. There was no time stamp on the sushi rice or tofu. Wet wiping cloths were found on multiple surfaces. No handle was found on the scoops in the large bins for rice and sugar. No test strips were found for chlorine.

79 Mr. Burrito

2601 Dayton Blvd.; Reasons included employees present did not demonstrate managerial control over the kitchen. The cook was not familiar with date marking requirements or temperature control. No health policy was posted, and employees onsite were not familiar with the policy. The hand sink in the kitchen was out of soap. The three-door tall unit was cold-holding at 40 degrees, with raw beef inside at 40 degrees. Cooked beef and rice inside prepared the day before, per cook, was holding at 64 degrees. Multiple items in the three-door tall refrigerator unit that were prepared more than 24 hours ago, per cook, were not properly date marked. In addition, cooked chicken in the same unit was date marked May 7, 2023, and past the allowance to serve. Upon arrival, the three-door refrigerator was overstocked, and the door would not properly close. That was corrected during inspection. Food was stored on the kitchen floor. Tortillas and serving trays were stored under the paper towel dispenser at the front hand-wash sink. Sugar scoop was damaged.

83 Erlanger East Hospital

1751 Gunbarrel Road, Reasons included two dented cans on can rack, and the lowboy cooler in the back kitchen was holding temperature-control foods at 45 degrees instead of 41 degrees or lower. There was no consumer advisory posted for eggs cooked to order, and wet wiping cloths were stored on counter tops. A gasket was in poor repair on the hot-holding unit, and shelving and the bottom of the hot-holding unit was dirty.

84 Sonic SRI #3470

3907 Brainerd Road; Reasons included chili in water bath temping 115 degrees and was not reheated to above 165 prior to placement in the holding unit, which is not designed to reheat within two hours. The walk-in cooler was holding food at 43 degrees, but the thermometer read 42. The back door was not rodent proof. The order board over the grill had excessive old build up that the cook touches each time an order is prepared before handling ready-to-eat foods. Utensils used by hot-holding were left at room temperature. The faucet at the triple sink was leaking.

87 Beef 'O' Brady's

5958 Snow Hill Road, Suite 100

87 Circle K Stores Inc.#2723622/Aunt M's

11418 41 Highway, Ringgold, Ga.

88 Corporate Dining Concepts (T-Mobile)

6730 Customer Delight Drive

88 Subway Memorial #60915

2525 Desales Ave.

88 CHI Memorial Stadium concession stand

6198 N. Mack Smith Road

90 Southern Restaurant

7717 Hixson Pike

90 Han-Mi

3103 Broad St.

90 Rafael's Italian Restaurant

7859 Nashville St., Ringgold, Ga.

90 Pizza Hut #37599

4340 Ringgold Road

91 Giardino

2503 Westside Drive

92 East Ridge Residence Kitchen

1417 N. Mack Smith Road

92 Rob's Restaurant & Lounge

5308 Dayton Blvd.

93 Yellow Deli

737 McCallie Ave.

93 Redstone Estates LLC

6653 Palms Court

93 Frazier Five & Dime

16 Frazier Ave.

94 Two Ten Jack

1110 Market St., Suite FC4

94 Church's Chicken #2093

3816 Brainerd Road

96 Mad Knight Brewing

4015 Tennessee Ave.


103 Cherokee Blvd., Suite 1A

97 Sbarro #191

2100 Hamilton Place Blvd.

97 Armando's

7330 Hixson Pike

97 Sweet Magnolia Learning Academy

134 S. Aster Ave.

97 The Mad Priest Coffee Roasters

1900 Broad St. Apt.C

98 ECL Catering

5502 Post Ave.

98 Smoothie King #594

2100 Hamilton Place Blvd.

98 Grand Junction Delicatessen

4119 Cromwell Road

98 Taqueria Jalisco Mobile

1634 Rossville Ave.

98 Kids Rock East Ridge

4108 Bennett Road

98 N.Y. Pizza Co.

5084 South Terrace, Suite-136

98 AT&T Field

201 Power Alley

99 Beyond The Garden Gate at the Ridge

6725 Ringgold Road, Suite 125

99 Summit Blue

4900 La Collina Way

99 Sonic #1770

3508 Dayton Blvd.

99 Charlie's Philly

2100 Hamilton Place Blvd., Suite 309

99 Taco Bell #029066

9341 Dayton Pike

99 Wooden City

203 Broad St.

99 Sing It Or Wing It

412 Market St., Suite 101

99 China Experience

2100 Hamilton Place Blvd., Unit 306

99 Circle K Stores Inc. #2723622/Subway (Hwy 41)

11418 41 Highway, Ringgold, Ga.

100 JMac's Lounge/Golden Slope/TN Wine Train

608 Georgia Ave.

100 Patrick's Catering

4393 Benton Drive

100 Trish's Sports Bar

4762 Highway 58, Suite 116

100 Lookout Place Café

1101 Market St.

100 Five Guys Burgers & Fries

2020 Gunbarrel Road, Suite 204

100 Krystal CHN016

7300 Shallowford Road

100 Armando's/Lando's

4783 Highway 58

100 Faith Learning Academy

2822 3rd Ave.

100 Summit Red

4900 La Collina Way

100 Jungle Town

7531 Shallowford Road

100 Brink's Eats & Drinks (Mobile)

2105 S. Highland Park Ave.

100 Tata's Grill Authentic Bosnian Cuisine Mobile

3904 Weldon Drive

100 Homefront Tearoom

4119 Cromwell Road

100 Ridgedale Baptist CDC

1831 Hickory Valley Road

100 Dinner on the Diner

4119 Cromwell Road

100 Hungry Hawk (Mobile)

2916 Silverdale Road

100 Be Caffeinated

3601 Dayton Blvd.

100 Michael Miller #3

10624 Walden St.

100 Panda Express

1125 Battleview Parkway, Fort Oglethorpe, Ga.

100 Songbirds

35 Station St.

100 Leapin' Leprechaun Pub & Eatery

101 Market St., Suite 103

100 Regal Cinemas

2000 Hamilton Place Blvd.

100 Pax Breu Ruim

516 E. Main St., Suite C

100 Southside Sammich Shop

3431 Alton Park Blvd.

100 Ashwood Square Retirement

7683 Shallowford Road

100 Sidetrack

3514 Hixson Pike

100 Whiskey Thief

102 Walnut St.

100 Tru (continental breakfast)

5509 Alabama Highway, Ringgold, Ga.