The Rant

Yes, we need to get spending under control. But to hold paying our bills hostage is insane. These politicians are economic terrorists.

TO Congress: We have lived simply, saved for retirement and now your intransigence is going to kill that. Put the people first. Not your power.

Lake users have watched the water quality in Nickajack and Chickamauga lakes deteriorate rapidly for several years. Where are you, environmental activists?

So the former Hamilton County Schools superintendent loses his job at U.S. Xpress, and UTC suddenly creates a $312,000 job for him. Is anyone surprised?

Mind-roasting disconnect: affordable and luxury development, new automobile, technology, logistics, outdoor and tourism economies. While 60% of third graders can't read at grade level.

If third graders are failing the TCAP, then they weren't taught correctly in the first and second grades

Important question with ascertainable answer. TFP leadership, please collaborate with UTC math department. Tell us the probability of being randomly shot in 2023.

I think every adult citizen should wear a body cam so they would have proof of what happens in any confrontation, civilian or police.

If guns kill people, forks must make them fat.

New law requires confirming political affiliation when voting. I was Republican, but based on gun worshiping, mindless legislature behavior, I don't know anymore.

Tennessee's plan to warn voters about voting across party lines at the primaries is just plain and simple voter suppression.

TFP: Without fear or favor? How ludicrous. Your leftist/socialist bias is abundantly clear.

Solution to debt "crisis": Stop Washington from initially foolishly making expenditures the Treasury later has to cover. Otherwise, it's paying one credit card with another.

Scorpions and vultures. Extremist gun lobbyists now fighting each other in Nashville. Hopefully they pick each other's bones clean and disappear. Darwin would be proud.

Sen. Gardenhire, it is ridiculous to say keep emotions out of the gun control debate with people getting shot and killed every day.

Studies show 97% of Republicans make up statistics to support their claims.

Republican bullies need to learn to mind their own business and quit trying to dictate what the rest of us can and can't do.

Sen. Gardenhire, can you keep emotions out of gun control? Innocent children, family, neighbors, are dead because of guns. You have no soul.

Assault weapons politics will finally fail, because weapons zealots are attacking each other. Their light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train.

Men could totally eliminate the need for abortions by getting a vasectomy or using a condom. Too cowardly to do it, though.

Assuredly, the federal government and its components (FBI, CIA, etc.) politically lie, mislead, obfuscate. Reference the inflated and false enemy body counts in Vietnam.

Donald Trump announced his 2024 campaign two years ahead for one reason: so he could claim election interference when he's prosecuted.

A different Jan. 6 philosophy: "If the machine of government ... [erroneously perceives] you ... to be the agent of [wrongdoing] ..., then ... break the law." — Henry David Thoreau