Austin Corcoran’s vision for Chattanooga: Technology-driven growth will provide the foundation for community advancement

Contributed photography / Austin Corcoran, ChaTech executive director

Austin Corcoran is passionate about Chattanooga's growth and understands that staying at the forefront of technology is crucial for the city's progress.

"Technology is a major driver of economic growth," says Corcoran, who was named as the new executive director for ChaTech earlier this year. "We keep the community informed about the evolving technology landscape while providing valuable growth opportunities for our members."

Chattanooga has experienced an influx of remote workers over the past several years, he says. And with that, there is a beneficial exchange happening.

"There's a knowledge transfer," says Corcoran. "These workers bring in new skills, ideas and expertise -- and they can transfer that to the local workforce through training, mentorship and collaboration." Some even end up seeking local employment, or creating new jobs by founding their own startups.

He says the nonprofit's primary mission to unite Chattanooga's tech community and drive regional economic growth. To accomplish that, they serve as the bridge connecting people, businesses and resources.

"We want to grow and develop our current and future workforce to meet industry's needs in an ever-evolving technological landscape. Technology changes every day," he says. "We're striving to stay ahead of the curve so that we can provide education and information, enabling businesses and clients to stay at the forefront of meeting these needs."

"We play a part in helping our members stay up to date on technology trends, allowing them to innovate and stay competitive -- which is crucial for long-term success in the industry."

ChaTech extends its support through various educational and training opportunities such as career fairs, mentorship opportunities, annual training events like Scenic City Summit and DevOpsDays, and the annual STEM for Her, designed to empower women to explore and thrive in science, technology, engineering and math careers. He's also proud of Women in Tech and DEI Advocate in Tech, two new initiatives added to the council's annual Technology Excellence (TechX) Awards.

In addition to educational support, ChaTech organizes networking and collaboration events so members can connect with like-minded individuals and get a broader picture of the city's tech ecosystem.

"It's a privilege to contribute to our local technological advancements, ensuring our community doesn't fall behind," he says.

Corcoran's career includes roles at SunTrust Bank (now Truist), the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce and The Company Lab, where he served as chief of staff. To learn more about ChaTech, visit