The Rant

Thank you, Hamilton County. McDonald Farm was a smash success for the county fair.

Parking fee at Hamilton County fair? Absolutely small-minded and petty. Congratulations to whomever decided to waive parking fee to make the event truly accessible.

Mayor, Holtzclaw Avenue is the worst road in Chattanooga. Why is it not being paved first?

Why is Coty Wamp's name and face on billboards all around town? Is her campaign paying? Better not be my tax dollars!

New [riverside] development should select another name! Moccasin Bend hospital has been called "The Bend" since 1962 and is really located on the bend.

The parking on Swinyar Drive at Collegedale is a disaster because of McKee's Little Debbie Park, negatively affecting the residents of Greenbriar.

You wouldn't have to clean the homeless off private property (theater) if they had a base (camp) dedicated to them.

We should all be grateful to the firefighters who have kept (and continue to keep) us safe from the many wildfires lately. Thank you!

Hey Vols, why not play a high school team? Probably cheaper than the $1 million you paid UConn. You could brag a lot more about a rout.

Texas A&M is paying Jimbo Fisher $76 million to not coach football? I want one of those jobs.

UTC beat a storied ACC program on national TV. First time since 1985. Barely any coverage in the paper. Bias much [Sports Editor Stephen] Hargis?

Interview the young people out protesting, and they've no idea why or what's the cause. Just out virtue-signaling with their friends. Pitiful. Yet dangerous.

Do we have a count from Hamas on how many terrorists have died?

If you cannot defend your country, atrocities to your citizens, your borders, your laws, you have nothing. You are no longer a country. Truth is hard.

We should have listened to Al Gore on global warming 25 years ago. Now it's too late. Hold on to your hat. Wild ride coming!

Americans need to accept the fact that white European invaders took the land from Native Americans and enslaved Africans to work it. That's not [critical race theory].

Memo to Harvard law students, alumni and administrators: If you expect big bucks from Big Law, best not to anger Big Law's big bucks clients.

The editorial [from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette] in Wednesday's paper, "Weaponized Mouth," should be read by all. It's another factual reason to not vote for Trump.

With Biden's various policy ramblings and contradictions, even the great and patient educator Confucius would say, "Joe, you've confused us."

The saying "a sucker is born every minute" must be true. People keep sending Trump money.

If the Democrats file one more charge, Trump will then carry all six swing states. The people know what's up.

Now that Trump is running again, MAGA stands for Make America Gag Again!

Do the Dems and the liberal press know how stupid they sound stating there is zero evidence that Joe Biden has taken any dirty money?

Trump has called Democrats many things — thugs, Marxists, mutants, scum — but "vermin" is Nazi talk. Plain and simple. He is dangerous.

I believe the Democrats are "throwing" the election. Biden is not a viable candidate (too old).

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