The Rant

Riverbend served Chattanooga as a meaningful part of city's history. Time to send it to the taxidermist, hang 'er on the wall and remember it occasionally.

Hamilton County school board rejected the overseas trip for the Chattanooga Center for Creative Arts as [students] would have just been terrorist targets. Good job, school board.

Maybe when they remodel Finley Stadium, they can put in actual functioning water fountains for the patrons.

The terms "fair and balanced" for most national and local news organizations is as big an oxymoron as "honest lawyer." Just win; damn the truth.

Chuck Fleischmann came out of hiding long enough to be nixed for House speaker nominee. Back into hiding till election time.

Spending $83 million on Montague Park while our schools crumble and our roads are in disrepair is criminal. Get your priorities right.

Improperly covered commercial loads contribute greatly to Chattanooga's litter problem. One unmarked officer writing citations on Highway 58 (route to landfill) would send a message.

Well, it was a good try, Chuck. You got 10 votes. Better luck next time.

These days, it takes an act of Congress to enact an act of Congress.

I hope no Riverbend next year is the only bad thing to happen in 2024 (and not Trump getting elected).

Two wars going on, open border, crime up, prices rising and Joe goes to the beach. Guess the basement got old. Full-time president? Nope.

It appears Donald Trump is trying to supplant Don Rickles as the King of Insults. How noble. Melania must be proud.

COVID is ramping up just in time for the presidential election. Can the Deep State pull it off again? The nation will be watching.

Good to know: Biden has control of the Middle East; Kamala, the border. Wondering why Egypt said NIMBY. Nashville, too.

Hey, recent ranter, Arab countries know that if they take in Palestinians, Israel will never let them back home to Palestine. That's what it tells me.

Why aren't Talib's comments not considered inciting violence? Seriously, why not? They are blatantly false. Censure at least. Kick her out, at best.

If your campaign ads have to brag about being a Christian, you aren't. You are just another politician running for office.

Blaming all Arabs for the actions of Hamas is like blaming all Christians for Trump.

Ron Hart said about recent LA trip, "gas prices are so high and traffic so bad in LA, to save money and to travel HOV lane, I saw Dolly Parton carpooling with Jolene." LOL

The people crying about taking their country back need to remember their country was brutally stolen from the native inhabitants of the land.

With corrupt Clarence Thomas and liars under oath, Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, in residence, public faith in the Supreme Court is evaporating.

Must you lie about history to advance your agenda? Believe whatever falsehoods that fit your playbook? Deny, ignore the truth that doesn't fit? True Marxism.

Trump domination of GOP is still intact; his robot/puppets stir chaos daily in U.S. House. For how long?

Greatest threat to U.S. is congressional inaction, speaker spat, spending bills, Ukraine, Israel, Hamas, Trump vs. Biden. You won't have to go to a haunted house this year.

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