The Rant

Boondoggle! Where have I heard that word before? Oh yeah, when the Tennessee Aquarium was being planned.

The phrase of the day is, "Some of this, frankly, is optical." Yes, like most of it.

Question: How has Ooltewah experienced explosive growth without a stadium as a catalyst?

Just get it over with. The powers that be want the stadium. They will get it. We will learn to love it.

Is anybody else tired of Weston wamping us with his opinions instead of following the will of the voting public?

Ouch. So Perimeter and Lookouts will "front" $3 million so we can pay that back to them? Jenny Hill called it: It's a different deal.

Kudos to the Signal Mountain post office, which is grossly underfunded but still delivering mail till 9 p.m. seven days a week.

The more I see what the elected officials in Nashville and the state Capitol do, the more I think the Capitol should be surrounded by crime tape.

If Chattanooga is going to help build the new Lookouts stadium, then the city should have plenty of money to open the 12th Street location for the homeless.

How can Tennessee be the fifth largest ACA/Obamacare state and simultaneously support Trump's killing it? Anyone awake?

If the right-wing puppetmasters were to explain who the deep state really is, many low-information, under-educated heads would explode.

Liberal judges deciding who's on ballots. Seriously? Anti-American. What happened to by the people, for the people?

You admonish your child for calling someone a birdbrain or mocking their name, and they reply, "But the president does it." Well, you voted for Trump.

The current commander in chief commands with one word only -- "Don't." Do you see it working? Is anyone listening?

If you gave Donald Trump an enema, you could bury him in a matchbox.

The GDP: up 3% last year. Jobless rate: low. Stock market: continual new highs. Ostriches, get your heads out of the sand; quit whining about "Bidenomics." That's good news!

If South Carolina's Nikki Haley doesn't do well there, not even St. Jude, the patron saint of lost causes, will be able to help her.

So Biden still wants to forgive student debt. It'd be more fitting if he forgave our auto loan debt on his boondoggle of EVs.

How's that Iran nuclear deal working out? When was the last time inspectors were allowed to check?

Fear not your $83 million fine, for the whole of Fort Knox will be yours to command next January. Genius.

Strong leadership is paramount. As a citizen, in any moment of truth, the last person I would look to for leadership is Joe Biden.

Donald Trump wanted his Republican lawmakers to stop the immigration bill to make President Biden look bad, just like his "perfect" phone call to Ukraine.

Trump called the UAW president a fool. Of course, Donald knows more about unions than anyone in history. Just ask him.

So nobody's listened to ole Joe's command of "Don't" on the international front. No wonder. We will see more refugees.

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott has decided it's OK to ignore the Supreme Court. Texas abortion providers should be really happy to hear that.

Does Trump have to register as a sex offender?

Never laugh at your spouse's choices. You are one of them.

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