The Rant

Farewell, brother in arms, Capt. Larry Taylor. Rest in peace.

I love Ironman and Chattanooga. But the Tennessee River swim course's #2 overall best ranking surely excludes water quality and chemistry. Hoping that improves. Icky!

Does Soddy-Daisy Food Bank fail to see that their clients cannot afford clothing as well as food? I guess so since they have stopped us from making these donations.

Yay! The Dade County, Ga., police report for the last week didn't mention meth.

I, too, appreciate Signal Mountain's post office, but I'd pay extra for stamps if they'd fix that hole in the middle of the parking lot.

Anyone else wondering who is actually running the office of president?

When it comes to the presidential election: Just remember, the old devil you've got may be better than the old devil you get!

Confederate officers never disrupted Congress in session. Supreme Court should rule according to amended Constitution; chief terrorist barred from ballot.

This week's federal appeals court decisions prove Trump suffers from medical condition known as ID: Insurrectile Dysfunction.

Witnessing the Republican House, then Senate, forsake our country as they kneel before their orange god, disrespecting themselves, has proven why they all must go.

He's got to go before we lose our country.

Obama and Trump exported more illegals on less money. Why is it not still happening? Ole Joe needs all the votes he can get.

Reports show that 65,000 rapes occur in 16 states that don't allow abortion.

Ask your local police force who's responsible for major area crimes. It's gangs from south of the border. Or what used to be a border.

Biden reminds me of the line from lawyer Billy Flynn in the musical "Chicago": "Are you gonna believe your eyes or what I tell you?"

Our former president doesn't really want to be POTUS again. He just wants to continue to play the victim of a conspiracy and to fleece MAGA nation for cash.

That new report on our president is sobering and scary. Feels like a real political hatchet job.

MAGA Republicans should have to pass a cognitive test before they are allowed to vote.

The GOP showed its preference to sustain the immigration problems rather than solve them when they walked away from a bill so Trump could whine about it.

Republicans, since you couldn't impeach Mayorkas, maybe you now have time to fix the budget.

Any sentence that includes God and Trump is blasphemy.

Republicans demanded border security, got it, and voted against it so Biden wouldn't get credit. That is textbook dereliction of duty. Vote them out!

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