The Rant

Stop the madness! Last week: foreign land investment in Soddy. Now? TFP classified notice that Edina, Minnesota, bank merging with bank on Shallowford Road. Mayhem!

I think it's important for us to recognize that every religion was created by humans. All of them. No one has more legitimacy.

I don't want to listen to your child's cartoons over my restaurant dinner. They should learn to discourse with you. Oh, you're on your phone.

Fourteen months to build that stadium? Gimme a break. Won't happen, folks. More smoke and mirrors.

You sure don't hear teachers complaining about their pay much anymore. Wonder if $50,000 starting salary will be enough?

It seems that any controversial development plan is always backed by MAP Engineering. Is this the only engineering firm in town?

State of public schools superintendent's speech: In three sentences, he used word "system" five times. "System" characterizes students as widgets on assembly line. And is redundant.

An independent voter should have the right to vote without having to declare whether they are a Democrat or a Republican (voter suppression).

Hey stadium supporters: The citizens (your employers) should get the say on who, what and where their money is spent. Let "We the People" vote on stadium funding.

Gov. Lee's State-of-the-State speech suggests he takes care of us when he's sitting on federal billions meant for the poor and refuses to expand Medicaid.

Why, oh, why, are more and more young women speaking with that nasally, whiny voice that is as offensive as fingernails on a blackboard?

Wait, Israel's killed more than 27,000 people and we're sending them billions more for bullets? Who are we?

House members: You impeached Mayorkas, so what about the budget, Israel, Ukraine and the border?

Irony: If we had voted for Trump in 2020, we'd be almost rid of him now!

Looney Tunes cartoons. Reminds you of the Biden administration trying to match wits with the Roadrunner. Beep! Beep!

The man who counseled men to "just grab them by the ——-" has been invited to address Christian broadcasters. Conservative Christianity has hit rock bottom.

Any individual who votes for Donald Trump in Tennessee's Republican primary will be doing the bidding of Vladimir Putin.

So President Joe posts a campaign ad on foreign social media site that is forbidden on government hardware. For thee, not me, again and again.

The question is not where is Nikki Haley's husband, it is where is Donald Trump's wife? Has she flown the coop?

Time for President Biden to tell Israel that the relief trucks with humanitarian supplies will be rolling into Gaza and that Netanyahu better not interfere.

Trump comments on saying Russia could attack NATO countries would have him facing the House Committee on Un-American Activities (Joe McCarthy in the 1950s).

Donald Trump, how can you expect the military to back your "dictatorship " if you keep trashing them in posts?

Trump says God sent him to save us. How dare he say that. The only one sent to save us was Jesus.

Sleepy Joe is in deep, deep trouble. The Dems are in deep, deep trouble. The other guy is in deep, deep trouble. So are Republicans. Help.

If you were alive during the 1940s and think it would be great to have a dictator in the White House, you have a terrible memory loss.

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