The Rant

Soddy leaders restocking 300 tons of salt recently used to keep icy roads safe. When Chinese take over, crews will change from salt to MSG.

Bad news: 55-minute drive from Gunbarrel Road to Frazier Avenue. Good news: driving in 8 mph traffic minimizes damage that potholes inflict on car.

Chattanooga's city performance ranking went from 72 in 2023 to 46 in 2024, and we don't even have a gazillion-dollar baseball stadium.

Losing charming, Southern belle of diners, the Longhorn, while gaining a celebrity fast-food chicken chain a few miles away. Sign of the times.

The vehicle already in a traffic circle has the right of way. This is often disregarded in the Northpoint Boulevard traffic circle but could lead to an unnecessary accident.

If you read the details, it sounds like corruption and deceit are the reasons Signal Mountain isn't getting another grocery store.

Arrest Jonathan Frost (and Croft!) already! Make them pay the people their money. Or at least put them behind bars.

Lawmaker calling for cold beer ban was tragic victim of drunk driver. Can he empathize with mass shooting victims and call for reasonable gun regulation?

Classrooms next! After state bans rainbow flags, rush to school science labs. Outlaw evil glass prisms that teach how white light separates into rainbow colors.

Tennessee state Reps. Justin Jones and Justin Pearson are too "uppity" for the Republican supermajority. Those "boys just don't know their place" and are punished for speaking out.

Execution for convicted criminals is difficult because suppliers won't provide the means. I would wager ammunition manufacturers would not have a problem with that.

The (Georgia) SPLOST more accurately could be named the Forever Tax.

News outlets should not ID shooter's name in mass shootings. They are looking for notoriety. Don't accommodate them.

Fresh produce is more expensive than ever. California produces much of our winter produce. California's under water ... Oh, just blame Biden. Like always for everything.

You Dems must be getting nervous, blaming Republicans for everything. Answer this, better now or four years ago? In every way, we are failing now.

Name the countries where officials arrest their opponents. Think they are all communist? Think again.

Navalny's murder just days after Trump invited Putin to "do whatever the hell he wants" was no coincidence.

Not sorry about your fine, twice-indicted guy [Donald Trump]. Maybe you can get Mexico to pay for it.

It's not so much what he says, it's what he doesn't say, between the words, the spaces, the silence, the expressions. Frightening.

MAGAs are delusional! Far right Freedom Caucus/other Trumpies preventing omnibus bill from passing until after election. They only care about who gets credit, not fixing border itself!

Hey Joe! The world's top (four years running) carmaker, Toyota, sold 11.2 million vehicles last year, and 104,018 were fully EV.

We have a government "Of the people, by the people, for the people." It's an election year. Let's govern!

Republican Jesus: Fear everyone. Expel the stranger. Blame the poor. Ignore the sick. Feed the rich. Love only thyself. Trust only Caesar. Throw lots of stones.

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