The Rant

Protesting sliver of Moccasin Bend's 800 acres serving mental patients. Latest PR: Relocation helps patients. Contraire, Pierre. Mental rehabilitation in serene park ... optimal! No sirens 24/7.

That the local legislative delegation and mental health commissioner would trump the benefits of an archaeological wonderland for years to come by keeping the hospital is puzzling.

You should forfeit your scholarship if you opt out of your school's bowl game because you quit your job of football.

Another good thing about the holidays: Our junk snail mail and email have decreased from 30+ a day to one or two.

Why not install guardrails on Cherokee Boulevard to protect the pedestrians? Remove the orange barrels.

So the new Lookouts stadium will cost what? Weasel words being used by team owner and city. Hang onto your wallets, folks.

Two things that are sure: The TFP cannot produce a paper without rips and creased pages, and Dove chocolate tastes better than Dove soap.

Aesthetic beauty article in recent TFP should remind everyone: Availability of Botox and fillers doesn't mean you have to swell faces like Mardi Gras parade floats.

It should be fairly common knowledge that carbon is essential for all plant life. Then why is large-scale carbon reduction so important?

TFP article on chakras, herbal medicines, crystals, breast milk jewelry and auras being offered locally for sale urgently invokes the wisdom of P.T. Barnum.

I wish our Chattanooga TV stations would invest in local news and quit parroting the national news shows.

Do you remember when bugs used to splatter on your windshield? Soon the planet will support only humans and roaches.

During trying times like these, it seems our commander in chief is AWOL: AlWays On Leave.

Evangelicals and good Christians love Trump. I don't get it. He's broken every commandment except one (killing). He's a hateful, self-serving, conniving liar!

Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Biden played air-accordion while U.S. was invaded.

Trump snarls, "America Gone to Hell." Big lie, like chaos he spews daily as Satan's servant. But oddly still fiercely supported by evangelicals.

It was wrong for Trump to try to get the election overturned, but making him president again won't make it right. Two wrongs ...

If Hillary had done what Trump did when she lost the election to him with more popular votes, what would Republicans have done to her?

From Donald Trump's Christmas message: "May (President Biden) rot in hell!" This is the sad path that Trump's evangelical cult members have chosen to follow.

Biden will lose the election over his complete failure to deal with the Southern border. Countries must have secure borders.

A recent Sunday's BreakPoint column about Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the Nazis should be a wake-up call for evangelicals who still support Trump.

I like Neil Diamond just fine, but to the "Sweet Caroline" song being used in commercials, I say "no more, no more, no more!" Happy new year!

Check out the lyrics to Buffalo Springfield's "For What It's Worth" from 1967. Still fits but for different reasons.

How about everybody drinking a cup of kindness for the new year. And make Donald Trump drink a gallon of it.

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