The Rant

Why in the world would you build another elementary school when there's a fine one around the corner? Please spend to repair existing schools.

Sure seems like Chattanooga taxpayers are being asked to pony up for several "once in a generation" projects. They all can't be, right?

Can any Boomer remember closing schools for rain? It had to be raining pretty hard to cancel recess.

No, it's not a sin to ask for a raise, Commissioner Beck, but it might be so if you ask for more than you're worth.

Why isn't the second driver being held responsible for his part in the horrific accident on Frazier Avenue?

Taxes collected to pay off stadium bonds are not available for public infrastructure, safety, housing, health care, libraries and other essentials of daily living.

Frazier Avenue barrels are the biggest junk ever seen. The city needs to install pedestrian guard trails, open the roads back up and synchronize the traffic lights.

New Lookouts stadium project is rolling right along. I don't think anything is going to stop this train. Fingers crossed on this one, folks.

Let's hire a person to head Avondale Center who's kind and transparent, not somebody who knows he can be a total jerk because he's "connected."

Stadium cost has gone up from $80 million to $120 million. It won't stop there. Do not come to taxpayers for the difference.

Richard Haass, author of "The Bill of Obligations," said, "Refusing to compromise means you don't get anything done." This explains the problem with our Congress.

Having a right to own weapons of mass destruction but no obligation to regulate who has access to them equals mass shootings. What a country.

So Tennessee Christians are happy with Trump and the state legislature. Guess they forgot to read those 10 Commandments they had posted everywhere.

President Trump says, "I will always keep America first." When has President Biden said anything like that?

If you're for Trump because he's "sticking it to the man," just remember, you're the man he's sticking it to.

If you're talking about losing democracy, you're obviously watching liberal cable. No one else says this. And, it won't happen, regardless.

Attorney for Trump said Supreme Court justices would "step up" -- quid pro quo. That's how the Supreme Court rolls, right Clarence?

Let voters decide? I think not. Some people don't listen to the news or read a newspaper. They just vote.

Chris Christie withdraws from GOP circus, ex-gov. of Democratic state, skilled in compromise. Ironically only candidate in primary with integrity and willingness to confront Trump.

I saw some daffodil buds peeking through the fallen leaves yesterday. Further proof that "Bidenomics" is working!

GOP governors are declining already-budgeted federal funds to feed children over the summer, just to make a political point. How thoroughly inhumane.

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