The Rant

Why not simply tear down the "rusting eyesore on I-24"? It would solve the problem much more cheaply than building a $139 million stadium.

Did Hamilton County not do its due diligence when spending millions on the McDonald Farm? How many millions more because of the sink hole?

Tickets to attend the Tennessee legislature? What arrogance. None for gun reformers, just for donors and gun lobbyists. Legislators need a ticket home.

Biblical sleight of hand and shippy-shappin'. State lawmakers' shoehorning Bible into collection of 10 "state books" insults Bible. Is Bible merely another book?

Well, the merchants in Frazier Avenue finally came to their senses when their business dried up. Now they want the road returned to two lanes each way. Go figure.

Hamilton County commissioners: Require that Thrive Brooks Farm developers pay to widen Snow Hill Road back to Mountain View Road.

Maybe those who want to move the hospital off Moccasin Bend should offer up an alternative site in their own neighborhood to build a mental institution.

Post office needs to hire whomever delivers the orange plastic-wrapped Community News. No mail for nine days, but Community News never misses.

TFP Perspective "series" on preserving Moccasin Bend is proving to be longer than NASA flight to Mars. Say something new or move on. Yawn.

Public school classroom thermostats all controlled by central office, says county commission. Experiment: Let teachers/students control comfort/temperature in central offices for one year.

The legislature is proposing ex-felons can never vote without a gun permit. But felons can't have guns. Voter suppression once again in Tennessee.

Private schools shouldn't take funds from public schools if we want education to benefit everyone. Should the rich get more tax money for roads, too?

Jet doors popping open! Starting Monday, passengers sitting next to emergency exit doors receive two seat belts and a free cocktail ... in a spill-proof cup.

TFP, good job covering local stories. Though recent headline about "rescued" Fall Creek Falls hiker was off, as the article describes the recovery of his deceased body.

Insight into right-wing; top reading choice in letter to the editor, a book written by a man who was fired by Fox for lying.

Trump says immigrants are diluting our white gene pool. Have you looked at the white race lately? They need an injection of fresh blood.

Citizens cannot return to this country without a photo ID, facial recognition and sometimes fingerprints. Compare this to illegals. Their photos optional. IDs optional.

Don't confuse patriotism with nationalism. Nationalism is the first step to fascism.

America has never been racist? Have you forgotten the "Whites Only" water fountains? In the state of Georgia? I haven't.

I suggest this DEI is much better: Discipline, Effort, Integrity.

If you speak the truth, it's disinformation. If you act the truth, you're racist. If you're pro-America, you're MAGA fanatic. All from your bobblehead.

Thank goodness for librarians, the fiercest and most steadfast defenders of intellectual freedom. We need them now more than ever.

The problem with doing nothing is you never get caught up.

What the world needs now is love, sweet — no, wait. More cowbell! (Hope my fellow boomers smiled.)

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