The Rant

Show the math that proves the new stadium will generate $30 million-plus in retail sales/property tax annually to repay the $85 million borrowed.

Watched the Daytona 500. Commentator pointed out drafting, driving two inches behind the car in front. Shoot, that's how we drive to Publix in Ooltewah.

What's up with TFP classified? East Ridge seeking bids for installation of 15 license plate readers. That's one per Red Wolves fan driving to games.

Roll Tide? Ranter said "100 cells is not a person." But 100 cells make a prison to jail people who violate Bama's aggressive morality decisions.

Instead of pouring money into a new baseball stadium, local government should help create a great national park on Moccasin Bend to benefit everyone — forever.

Cabbage heads. Definition: Legislators lollygagging around pondering urgent issues like hot slaw, instead of wasting time on the silly business of education and public safety.

Delay development! Don't deplete Hamilton County resources. We need land and funds to build reliable water supply, expanded electric grid, sufficient waste treatment, etc.

"Lawyers don't get paid till I get paid." Wrong! Lawyers get the insurance payment first, take their 33% to 40% cut, then pay their client.

Is it possible that some subversive power is putting something in our water to neutralize testosterone? It's going somewhere.

Wayne LaPierre has to pay more than $4.3 million because he played gun owners and the NRA for suckers. Now you know who the bad guys with guns are.

Just in case you haven't noticed, the government has already been shut down to "We the People" (its citizens) for three years; it's only open to the rest of the world!

The biggest migrant surge impact should be in labor supply, and that's a good thing. Immigration reform would be even better.

Rev. Bobby Leonard of North Carolina, no woman deserves to be raped, no matter what they are wearing. Step down as pastor.

An embryo is not a sentient being; that doesn't happen until you are born.

If most of their speeches receive multiple Pinocchios, why do we keep electing these people?

Women, you've already lost the right to decide if you want to be pregnant. Your right to vote may be the next thing you lose.

C'mon, man: Biden, under the 1952 Immigration and Nationality Act, has long been authorized to suspend the entry of past, present and future migrants.

Trump's $399 golden sneakers lack a soul!

Face it, this president wants open borders or he would stop it. Others have. We will pay, short and long term. A real travesty.

Trump is being prosecuted for me? I didn't rape anyone, pay off a porn star or steal state secrets. You're being prosecuted for YOU.

President Biden, give Speaker Johnson what the GOP wants on the border if they will help Ukraine.

If Ukraine falls to Russia, the Republicans in Congress will be guilty of "negligent homicide."

So ole Joe went to the Southern border, just not where anyone is crossing. Figures. Another photo shoot.

Trump to NATO countries, "You got to pay your bills." We all know Trump paid his bills. That's why he declared bankruptcy six times.

The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command. — George Orwell, in his prescient novel "1984"

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