The Rant

2024 election: YUCK.

Don't give money to homeless. Instead, build a mental health facility, build a drug rehab facility. It's time to get them off the street.

You stay with 30 spoiled and undisciplined children in one room all day and see how much you think is enough pay.

If a new stadium is so important, why don't the sports people fund it? They'll get their money back, right? RIGHT?

EPB of Gig City greatness: Help customers who bundle internet and landlines. Use smarts and skills to block spam calls. Six calls today on EPB landline.

Per the Feb. 23 TFP (page B3): Signal Mountain's Nolan and SMMH failed to make the top 400 list of schools in Tennessee. Parents paid a premium for that?

Stressed out? Tennessee's the most stressed out state in the nation because: 1) we share border with North Georgia; and 2) Nashville's incessant war on rainbows.

Arrested development — 28-year-old charged with urinating at mosque door. If guilty, require him to clean church toilets for two years of Saturdays.

Bikini sports bar earned higher score than health food restaurant, according to newspaper's health inspection report. What qualifies as healthy lifestyle anymore? Waddaya gonna do?

If Black and white schools were equal, DEI would not be needed. But they definitely aren't, so it is.

Medicare scare! Thanks, TFP, for Toni King's weekly Medicare column. Bureaucratic horror stories aplenty. Very little difference between the words Medicare and mediocre.

Trump is depicted as obese because he's obese. Everything about him screams "no self control."

The TFP crossed the line when printing the Rob Rogers cartoon depicting the George Floyd incident and inserting Trump into this obscene picture. Infinite bad taste. Shame on you.

TFP shows blatant dishonesty as it tries to portray Republican voters and lawmakers as extreme. TFP would never call a Democrat extreme.

Crossover voters are admitting their candidate is pathetic. They vote for the weakest opponent so their own candidate has any chance at all. Embarrassing.

Why did Hamas stockpile rockets, fuel, personnel, etc., to fire into Israel at 200-400/day, yet not have food or water for the Gazans?

Suspend foreign aid to any Central and South American country whose citizens are crossing the border illegally.

Gov. Abbott, Jesus would be at the border welcoming the migrants with love, not blocking them with National Guard.

Trump vs. Biden boils down to a choice between "democracy and dictatorship."

Joe's Bidenomics tour needs to include all the shanty towns his administration has created.

Republicans who want to get tough on crime need to get tough on Trump's crimes first. He is not above the law.

Yes. I'm profiling, based on facts. You are too, even if you present to be virtuous. The most virtuous people live in the safest communities.

If innocent of wrongdoing in charges against him, why doesn't Trump want quick trials to prove it instead of using trials as fundraisers?

Yes, I want America to be great again. No to open borders. Given those two choices only, I will choose greatness over lawlessness. It's simple.

Donald Trump isn't being indicted because he's running for president. He ran for president because he knew he would be indicted. He's a criminal.

Thanks, TFP Rant editors and staff. We apparently live in the most stressed-out state, and Rants provide healthy outlet to decompress — a little bit!

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