The Rant

Embattled. TFP description of former CPA accused of multiple acts of deception as "embattled businessman" feels like insult to legitimate embattled businessmen everywhere.

Pregnant women, avoid the pothole-ridden Lower Mill Road in Hixson unless you want to go into premature labor. It's like a battlefield after war.

I am totally dumbfounded, baffled by our state taking money away from public schools. Even worse, giving our tax dollars to schools requiring no accountability.

TVA survey seeking public input on repurposing sprawling downtown office complex is confusing. CEO makes $10.5 million annually. Seems like he could make executive decision.

Chattanooga Police Chief Celeste Murphy is guilty of "tax evasion" by claiming residency in Georgia.

I enjoyed Bennett's cartoon showing Trump's "brown shirt" because Trump is just waiting for MAGA to erupt over one of his ideas.

Clay Bennett's cartoon on Tuesday showing a Nazi uniform with Trump's name in it went way beyond political satire. Disgusting!

TFP public notice announcing March Downtown Alliance board meeting reminds me of Styrofoam peanuts in shipping boxes. No weight, no density, no substance, just fluff.

Pockets picked by technology. Auto insurers monitoring driving habits without consent to raise premiums. Toilet paper's next, priced per square.

Restructuring Beer Board is wise. Rumor: They considered fines against $100,000 bar and Dove bars before realizing they're candy and ice cream. What?

Saving Lives 101. Drivers at fault for accidents, who tie up traffic for everyone else, should lose their licenses for six months.

"Not a disaster" is U.S. economist's take on rising inflation. Everyday citizens struggling. Economists now welcome anything short of "disaster" as success.

On-air TV reporters: Pronounce your Ts. It's not Poo-in, it's Putin. It's not Day-un, it's Dayton.

Daylight saving time stinks.

Thanks, Mayor Kelly, for working to create more affordable housing which is so very badly needed in our town. Rents are like mortgage rates.

A recent writer must be brainwashed or simply too out of touch to think that Biden did anything to help common citizens, except student loan forgiveness. We've got to move on from the "government is going to take care of me."

Ranter, Israel put Palestine under land, sea and air blockade for 17 years. Where else could angry Palestinians fighting extreme oppression go but underground.

I agree with Chuck! For 75 years, Palestinians have denied Israel's right to exist. Maybe it's time to choose sides and decide who is better suited to run a Middle East country.

Rep. Chuck Fleischmann is proud of the new money for Chick Lock. For the record, he voted against the infrastructure bill. Disingenuous.

To the reader who complained about Trump having three wives; Grover Cleveland had an illegitimate son by a mistress; he still got re-elected.

If your heroes are Marjorie Taylor Greene, Tommy Tuberville and Ron Hart, you're the reason Clorox has to put "Do not drink" on the label.

TFP, dig deep. Report on Rivian delay of $5 billion Georgia electric vehicle plant and how that impacts Chattanooga electric battery industry. Right to know!

A newcomer is undocumented because he is illegal. The law references illegal alien. Say the correct name.

We need migrants but only those who enter legally. We need to make it easier for them to do so, and harder for illegal ones.

I predict that no later than in my grandchildren's lifetime we will be mining our landfills for raw materials we threw away as trash.

Would Republican-controlled Congress be trying to ban TikTok if it were owned by a Russian, say, Putin?

U.S. Rep. and Republican Ken Buck is resigning from Congress right now over his party's waste of time and money on impeachment.

Did you know that all ex-Congress members receive health care and a pension for the rest of their lives? Term-limits are the only cure. We must put it on the ballot.

Why shouldn't a photo ID be required to vote? It's required to drive, buy beer, liquor, cigarettes, get into events, doctors' offices. Not to vote?

Don't worry about what I'm doing. Worry about why you're so fixated on what I'm doing.

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