The Rant

Daylight Savings Time, lose an hour, or gain an hour. Tax Time, lose three weeks. Forever.

Krispy Kreme doughnuts now being sold inside McDonald's restaurants. Finally, a meaningful step to solve obesity and Type 2 diabetes crises. Progress!

How many more gazillion dollar grants do we get for the Moccasin Bend Sewage Treatment Plant before something actually happens.

Was the flock of ducks at Standifer Gap and Courage Way hunted and thinned out? There used to be 50 or more.

Moccasin Bend sewer upgrade: Follow TDOT Choice Lane concept. Upcharge citizens wanting to flush toilet without waiting in line for main sewage pipe to clear.

Unsynchronizing traffic lights to make Frazier safer. Letter writer suggested — to make Frazier safe. Sadly, not possible. Every light in city is already unsynchronized.

Choice Lanes. Just plain giddy over idea of the idea. Any lane that's paved, without potholes, in this city qualifies as a choice lane!

Excellent TFP coverage of imploded financial-scheming CPA enterprise. Should TFP "20 under 40" personalities heretofore submit to background checks to avoid hucksters and hustlers?

Goats on boats to Maclellan Island for overgrowth control. If they do a good job, deploy them to work on roads and potholes! Bhaaaa.

If the UAW wins at VW, it will end any additional investment in growth for the plant. It will stifle any increase in employment. Investment will be made elsewhere. Sad.

Walk/Don't Walk signs are sorely needed at the intersection of Hixson Pike and Northpoint Boulevard. Some drivers do not properly give pedestrians the right of way.

What is wrong with our post office that it cannot/will not deliver forwarded mail?

Scripted local politics. School board pleads poverty to give county commission runway to introduce looming tax increases. Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon would be proud.

Good to see the city and county awash in federal (our) money. What goes away when that spigot is dry and they have to live within their means again?

Blood transfusions in Atlanta ambulances. Grady Hospital attributes blood loss as greatest threat. Article casually mentions gunshots as main reason ambulances are called. Sad reality.

Apple is not Snapple. Antitrust law goes too far when Apple is sued for making its products too well.

The tired old battle cry, "vote them out," isn't working. Limiting terms, and benefits, is the only solution.

MTG wants to oust House Speaker Johnson for actually doing something. That goes against her governing philosophy of doomed impeachments.

When the Key Bridge fell at Baltimore Harbor, I immediately switched channels to hear Joe Scarborough blame it on Trump. Joe never disappoints.

A real "prophet," Donald, wouldn't be selling the Bible for $59.99 to finance his "prophesying" (stolen election).

If you are paid hush money and don't hush, shouldn't you be charged with failure to comply?

The Democrats and the Republicans could do away with the nominating conventions and proceed to the vote. Money saved goes to the poor.

Can we please rant about something other than politics? Everyday life? Rage about the price of toilet paper! I'm getting a bidet.

This may upset some peoples' apple cart. Easter — it's not about the bunny. It's about the tomb. Praise the Lord. Amen.

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