Braly: Weight Watchers, McDonalds team up

Braly: Weight Watchers, McDonalds team up

March 17th, 2010 by Anne Braly in Blogsfood

I think I've heard it all. Weight Watchers and McDonalds plan to team up, promoting their Filet-O-Fish, Chicken McNuggets and Sweet Chili Seared Chicken Wrap. Let me say first that this is happening in New Zealand, but my best guess is that it will take wing and appear in the U.S. before long. I mean, who wouldn't love to scarf down a Filet-O-Fish for just 6 1/2 Weight Watchers points?

I've always been a big fan of Weight Watchers. It's the only plan that's really worked for me. But I don't see how a large fried fish filet on a big white bun with tartar sauce can only count for 6 1/2 points. Critics say it's just a marketing ploy, and if this is so, I think it's a dangerous one. Why aren't they promoting the grilled chicken sandwich or one of their salads?

Australian Obesity Policy Coalition senior adviser Jane Martin said it's all about sales, telling the Associated Press that the plan "implies this food is healthy ... when often it is high in fat and salt."

Well, if Weight Watchers is correct, I'd just love to live on a Filet-O-Fish and Chicken McNuggets. Haven't even tried that chicken wrap yet. But I think I'll restrain until more proof comes out that this is a healthful diet plan. I have my doubts.