Braly: Grilling tips from Ben & Jack's Steakhouse

Braly: Grilling tips from Ben & Jack's Steakhouse

May 19th, 2010 by Anne Braly in Blogsfood

Memorial Day officially kicks off grilling season, so as you get your grill scrubbed and ready to go another round, here are some tips to make steaks coming off your grill this summer the best ever.

Jack Sinanaj is executive chef and one half of the duo from established New York restaurant Ben & Jack's Steakhouse. He has essential tips for succinct, easy-to-apply grilling techniques to get hard-to-mimic restaurant quality steak at home. Here are some of Sinanaj's tips for preparing and serving up a great steak.

1.The perfect steak starts with the perfect meat, so use U.S.D.A prime meat only, Cuts vary from porterhouse, sirloin, and rib-eye. With rib-eye, get a cut with the bone-in steak, as it has the most fat marbling of all cuts - it's the easiest to cook and retains the most flavor, even if cooked well-done, which this writer cannot imagine.

2. Select a cut of meat at least 1 to 1 1/2 inches thick and be sure the meat is at room temperature making the steak more savory when cooked.

3. For seasoning just use a little salt or favorite seasoning(s) of choice.

4. Pre-heat grill to a high temperature for a healthy 10 minutes before cooking your steak. Hot temperatures from the start help sear the outside of the meat and seal in natural juices.

5. Cook four to five minutes on either side depending on desired wellness of steak.

6. Check meat using the flat side of a fork (never poke into the meat with fork prongs or a knife, as you will lose the juices from the meat). For rare steak, when you push with the flat side of your fork, the meat will be mushy and soft. For medium to medium-rare steak, which are Sinanaj's recommendation, the meat will be slightly firmer.

Now, get grilling.