Paschall: SEC adds to bragging rights list

Paschall: SEC adds to bragging rights list

December 3rd, 2009 by David Paschall in Blogssec

Has there been a better time for Southeastern Conference fans to boast about their gridiron greatness?

Three straight national champions, including a 1-2 finish in 2007 with LSU and Georgia. Top-ranked Florida and second-ranked Alabama vying in Saturday's league-title game, and a record 42 wins this season against nonconference foes.

Perhaps the greatest evidence of the SEC's current strength is how its ninth and 10th best teams according to the league's bowl hierarchy -- Georgia and South Carolina -- blew through the two teams playing in this week's ACC championship game.

So for all you SEC fans feeling quite confident about your brand of ball, here is the annual Pasquali Pop Quiz:

1. What two schools have yet to produce winning records in SEC play since the league split into divisions in 1992?

2. How many SEC coaches through the years have won multiple AP national titles?

3. What school has produced the SEC's career yardage leaders in rushing, passing and receiving?

4. How many national titles has the SEC produced since the inception of a league-title game in '92?

5. Alabama and Florida are meeting in the SEC title game for a seventh time. What is the next most common pairing?

6. Which SEC school has gone the longest since winning its last league title?

7. How many SEC title-game winners have been undefeated?

8. Which SEC school has the best overall record this decade?

9. How many SEC teams have losing records in bowl games?

10. South Carolina's Steve Spurrier has more career wins (177) than any active SEC coach. Who is second?


1. Kentucky and Vanderbilt.

2. Two: Bear Bryant and Urban Meyer.

3. Georgia, with Herschel Walker, David Greene and Terrence Edwards.

4. Seven, with three by Florida (1996, 2006, '08), two by LSU ('03, '07), one by Alabama ('92) and one by Tennessee ('98).

5. It's a four-way tie among Arkansas-Florida, Auburn-Tennessee, Georgia-LSU and LSU-Tennessee, with each having occurred twice.

6. Mississippi State, which won its lone league title in 1941.

7. Four: Alabama in '92, Florida in '95, Tennessee in '98 and Auburn in '04.

8. Florida (99-29) edges LSU (99-30) and Georgia (97-31), with Auburn (87-39), Tennessee (83-43) and Alabama (77-48) following.

9. Three: Arkansas (11-22-3), Florida (17-19) and South Carolina (4-10).

10. Kentucky's Rich Brooks with 130.

Pasquali's Pix:

SEC title game: It's all about defense and field goals. Alabama 16, Florida 13.

Big 12 title game: Colt McCoy has taken control of the Heisman Trophy race, but the Huskers could prove tricky. Texas 27, Nebraska 13.

ACC title game: This will be a much better game than its television ratings will reflect. Georgia Tech 24, Clemson 20.

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