Health inspector finds raw meats improperly stored, falling ceiling tiles at Ringgold restaurant

Health inspector finds raw meats improperly stored, falling ceiling tiles at Ringgold restaurant

December 7th, 2017 by Staff Report in Breaking News

Improper storage of raw meats and falling ceiling tiles contributed to a Ringgold restaurant's failing grade on this week's restaurant report card.

La Adelita, located at 110 Kristin Drive, received a 67 out of 100 after a health inspector discovered raw meats stored over cooked and ready-to-eat foods and leaks that caused ceiling tiles to fall into the kitchen area.

Other reasons for the low score included an employee drink being stored over a food preparation area and improper date marking.

Hunan Wok on E. 23rd Street received an 85 for evidence of insects and rodents, improper storage of utensils, multiple dirty surfaces and improper separation and storage of food.

Sekisui on Houston Street also received an 85 for dirty food surfaces and improper temperatures used on food, among other reasons. The score was later corrected to a 90.


Week ending 12.8.17; 1 failure reported:

67 La Adelita, 110 Kristin Drive; reasons including open employee drink stored over food prep area, raw meats stored over cooked and ready-to-eat foods, leaks in ceiling causing ceiling tiles to fall into kitchen prep area, improper date marking.

85 Hunan Wok, 2201 E. 23rd Street; reasons including signs of insects and rodents, utensils not properly stored, food not separated or protected property, multiple dirty surfaces.

85 Sekisui, 1120 Houston Street; reasons including wiping cloths not properly used/stored, physical facilities not maintained or clean, food surfaces dirty, improper temperatures being used on hot and cold food. Corrected to 90.

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4348 Ringgold Road

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