Chattanooga firefighters honored at awards ceremony

Chattanooga firefighters honored at awards ceremony

February 13th, 2018 by Staff Report in Breaking News

(left to right) City of Chattanooga COO Maura Sullivan, Fire Chief Phil Hyman and Firefighter of the Year FFS Jack Thompson

Photo by Bruce Garner, Chattanooga Fire Department

(left to right) City of Chattanooga COO Maura Sullivan, Fire Chief Phil Hyman, Medal of Heroism recipient Captain Steve Everett, and three of the five civilians who helped Captain Everett save a woman from a house fire on Sept. 17, 2017, including Robert Gifford, Lamar Skinner and Tim Jones.

(left to right) City of Chattanooga COO...

Photo by Bruce Garner, Chattanooga Fire Department

More than 100 firefighters were recognized for outstanding efforts at emergencies throughout 2017 on Monday night at The Westin Chattanooga, according to a release from the Chattanooga Fire Department.

Among the top awards, Senior Firefighter Jack Thompson was honored as the department's Firefighter of the Year, Lt. Scott Sheets received a Medal of Valor award and Captain Steve Everett received a Medal of Heroism.  

Dozens more firefighters were also recognized with unit citations and commendation ribbons for their outstanding efforts in 2017. 

Here is a complete list of the awards given:

Lifesaving Medals

CPR Save - Jan. 22, 2017

Lt. Robert Roark

FFS Tim Freire

FFE Thomas Smith


Extrication - Vehicle in Pond - Feb. 7, 2017

Capt. Kevin Carpenter

FF Cullom Boyd

FF Travis Burns

Lt. Scott Sparks

FFE Charles Bailey

FF Michael Gray


Fire Rescue - Feb. 16, 2017

Lt. Tyler Swindell

FFE Preston Binegar

Lt. Shaun Hinojosa

FF Julio Vargas


Fire Rescue with CPR - Feb. 18, 2018

Capt. Robert Thompson

Lt. Tyler Swindell

FFE Joey Thomas

FFE Preston Binegar


CPR Save - Feb. 27, 2017

Capt. Tim Zink

Lt. Michael Rush

FFS Tony Ott

FFE Jeremy Williams


CPR Save

Lt. Mark Brown


EMS Treatment - April 4, 2017

FF Charles Zinzer

FFE Brandon Fryar

FF Carl Ellis

FFE Kenneth Martin


CPR Save - April 22, 2017

FS Cory Owens

FFE Britt Bradshaw

FF Ryan Roark


CPR Save - July 27, 2017

FFS Joshua Burchard

FF Anjail Berniger


Fire Rescue with CPR - Sept. 20, 2017

FFS Joel Nix

FFE Matt Rorex

FF Ryan Swisher


Fire Rescue with CPR - Nov. 9, 2017

Capt. Terrence Andrews

Capt. Keith Liles

Lt. Chad Nichols

FF Jake Case


Meritorious Unit Citations

Squad 1(Red)
Quint 14 (Blue)
Quint 8 (Green)
Quint 19 (Green)
Squad 11 (Green)
Squad 1 (Green)
Squad 7 (Green)
Squad 13 (Blue)

Engine 15 ( Blue)

Engine 5 (Blue)

Quint 13 (Blue)
Squad 7 (Blue)
Squad 7 (Green)
Squad 13 (Green)
Quint 7 (Green)

Quint 4 (Blue)


Commendation Ribbons

Capt. John Taylor

FFS Terrence Watkins

FF Ryan Swafford

FFS Fredrick Brunker

FFE Patrick O'Brien 

Capt. Darryl Manis

Capt. Adam Couch 

Capt. Chris O'Kelly

Capt. Brian Pemberton

FF Jordan Carroll

Lt. Joseph Ervin

Lt. Bradley Freeman

FFS Kevin Thomas

FF Zachary Eldrod

FFE Daniel Bryan

FF Clint Montgomery

FF Jessie Lively

FF Magdalena Novak

FF Charles Ellis

FF Seth Hutcheson

FF Ben Wright

FF Tiffany Bird

Capt. Kevin Carpenter

Lt. Scott Sparks

Lt. Jack Babb

FFS David Linam

FF Cullom Boyd

FFE Charles Bailey

FF Travis Burns

FF Michael Gray

AMET  Maurice Beamon

EMT-P Dominick Alvarado

Telecommunicator Ruth Tudos


Letters of Commendation

Telecommunicator Ruth Tudos

Telecommunicator Stephanie McCarter

Paramedic Dominick Alvarado
Advanced Emergency Medical Technician Maurice Beamon


Special Award - (For tireless support of the Forgotten Child Fund.)

FFS Joshua Burchard


Firefighter of the Year - (For making the most significant contributions to the department during the course of the year.)

FFS Jack Thompson


Medal of Valor - (For rescuing a citizen from a fire on Dec. 29, 2017.)

Lt. Scott Sheets


Citizen Achievement Award - (For assisting with woman's rescue from house fire on Sept. 17, 2017.)

Robert Gifford

Tim Jones

Lamar Skinner

Cecil Skyles

Stephen Skyles


Medal of Heroism - (For rescue of woman in house fire on Sept. 17, 2017.)

Captain Steve Everett