Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James (23) pauses before shooting a free throw against the New York Knicks during an NBA basketball game, Monday, April 9, 2018, in New York. (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)

From Mike

So where is your boy LeBron going to be next year?

Mike —

He will be in the NBA. And I think the conversation of LeBron James looking as much at ownership as the pieces around him has merit.

So which NBA team would give up an ownership stake? 

Because know this: If LeBron picks you the value of your franchise skyrockets. Instantly. The numbers of tickets sold in Cleveland with LeBron as opposed to the four years he took his talents to South Beach are staggering.

As for the competition side of James' destination, well, let's explore.

We think Houston is an awful fit. Yes they are the closest thing to the Warriors in the moment. And yes, LeBron and Chris Paul are buddies. But the Rockets already have two ball-dominant offensive players in Paul and James Harden. Plus, the Rockets system is designed for point guards and 3-point shooters. James is a great passer, maybe the best ever. But that fit does not fit.

We are not sold on the James to the 76ers talk either. So where else is there.

Marc Stein, the NBA reporter for the New York Times, thinks James is going to Miami. OK, if that's the case, who else is going with him? Kawhi? Paul George?

Vegas likes Los Angeles, but man the Lakers also would have to get James and one more. (Here is a plan to get LeBron, George and Kawhi to L.A. and that would be pretty awesome.) 

If Kawhi Leonard can patch things up with the Spurs, LeBron could go there because the Spurs have a slew of spot-up shooters and the three of James, Leonard and Aldridge could be pretty special.

And what about Cleveland? Man, it's impossible to see that happening.

How about this odd-ball call? Let's say Danny Ainge gets a wild hair and tried to deal Kyrie Irving and two 1s to the Spurs for Leonard. And then adds James and pays the salary cap hit.

Buckets, that makes the Celtics the favorites over the Warriors considering the first five could be Leonard, James, Gordon Hayward, Jayson Tatum and Al Horford, with Jaylon Brown and Terry Rozier.         

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Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart, right, drives past Philadelphia 76ers guard Marco Belinelli during the first quarter of Game 5 of an NBA basketball playoff series in Boston, Wednesday, May 9, 2018. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

From Spy

As I try to wade through resumes for my two openings — seriously, do they teach these kids how to write in college, and also teach them it's a good idea to send clips of nothing but single-source stories  — I watched one of the repeats of Anthony Bourdain's CNN show where he was in Charleston, S.C., with another chef buddy. They had dinner with Charleston resident and acting genius Bill Murray. They brought up the movie "Road House" and how they loved it. Murray chimed in that he thought he was the only one who loved "Road House."

Then he offers this tidbit - Kelly Lynch is married to a friend of his. So when it's on, he calls that guy, doesn't give his name, and says "Swayze is drilling your wife in that movie right now, just so you know," or something to that effect. 

And of course, "Road House" was on this weekend.

As for the mailbag, would the Celtics have given the Warriors a better challenge in the NBA Finals?

Spy —

Love that Murray story.

The short answer is likely, because, after all the Cavs were swept.

The Celtics have better depth and had a great home-court advantage. Brown and Tatum are better suited to guard KD so there's that.

So yeah, I think the Celtics would have been more competitive that what the Cavs finished with. But a side point to that is what does anyone think would have happened in the series if JR Smith had put the missed free throw back in or if George Hill had made the free throw?

Would that have led us to a 4-1 Warriors win rather than a sweep or would it actually raised the pressure on the Warriors and turned it into a series?

Who knows, but we all knew that with the way Game 1 ended, that series was over.

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Tiger Woods, left, and Dustin Johnson line up their putts on the 16th green at Shinnecock Hills Golf Club during Thursday's first round of the U.S. Open in Southampton, N.Y. Woods struggled to an 8-over-par 78, but Johnson shot a 69 and shared the lead as one of just four golfers under par.

From Scott

You asked (Thursday) what we would shoot at Shinnecock. Put me down for way over 100.

What would you shoot and what's your Rushmore of golf courses you'd like to play?

Scott —

Great question. Watching the first round of the Open on Thursday — and Tiger four-putting — I now think an average weekend golfer would have a hard time breaking 120.

That was unbelievably hard.

As for my Rushmore, well, we have been blessed and have played Augusta National, East Lake, TPC Sawgrass, The Honors and The Farm, among the other great courses we have had the chance to tee it up.

So my Rushmore starts for sure with St. Andrew's. Next is Pebble Beach. I think there are a lot of us who view those top two up there.

From there, it likely comes down to personal preference.

For us, we'll add Torrey Pines and Muirfield. Or maybe Moccasin Bend.

This week's Rushmore

Rushmore of flags. American flag. ('Merica.) Flags of our Fathers. Checkered Flag. Fanny Flagg, who edges Col. Flagg from M*A*S*H.

Rushmore of twins. The movie Twins. Dolly Parton's twins. Twin Peaks. Kirby Puckett.

Rushmore of people with surprisingly awesome singing voices. Jim Nabors, Mel Tills, That woman from the UK version of American Idol, Seth MacFarlane. (Seriously. This from the dude that is the voice of Ted.)

Rushmore of movies based on true stories. Schindler's List. Braveheart. Goodfellas. Apollo 13.  

From Matt C.     

Got any good ideas for a Father's Day gift? I know it's late but I'm out of ideas.

Love the show.

Matt C.

Hard to offer many ideas since I don't know the age or the interests of your old man.

Here are some guidelines though:

Good gifts are always things people want rather than things they need.

Good gifts are almost always things people want that they would not buy for themselves.

Good gift-givers pay attention. Certainly your Dad has dropped hints.

Ties are junk. Tools are not much better.

It could be something as basic as picking up the check or as extravagant as new golf clubs.

This one is on you my man.

(If all else fails and your flat broke, do the man's yard work one time. Know I'd appreciate that.)

This week's "fan" mail

First, many thanks to Nick Elam, the guy we wrote about this week who has the innovative ideas to try to improve baseball. He sent me an email and said he appreciated our kind words.

Seems like a good dude, and we may try to get him or Press Row because his ideas are truly outside the box. (Here's an interview he did with a sports show in Orlando.)

As for the other side of the email ledger, well, let's give it a go.

"Hey dummy, you should remember that alcohol and Tylenol don;t mix before you start writing."

Almost there

"I hate you and hope you get fired."

Good talk gang. Enjoy the weekend.