Veterans' stories are worthy lessons and more letters to the editors

Veterans' stories are worthy lessons and more letters to the editors

November 13th, 2018 in Breaking News

Veterans' stories are worthy lessons

As I read (and cried) about the stories of our veterans featured over the last week in the Times Free Press, I thought "teachers should be reading this aloud to all students." These personal stories of the horrors our soldiers endured are never in a history book. As our kids go about their days, do they ever think (or are aware) of the beatings, forced marches and excruciating cold and disease their grandfathers endured to protect their freedoms?

Let's teach our kids that freedom is never free.

Sherri DeRose

Shift in our attitude will benefit America

I expect David Cook will receive emails tearing him down after his Sunday column. Many of those who respond will include words like "stupid," "moron" and other words that can't be printed in this paper. Many of the people responding will tout the accomplishments of Trump and his promises of future change. All will be angry on some level.

I write this letter to ask those people to try to change their tone and attitude. The anger you feel toward Cook, or anyone who doesn't agree with Trump, will not change anything. It won't make Cook go away. It won't make Democrats or liberals go away. It will not help the America we all love.

Instead of anger, try empathy, kindness, patience. Find ways to understand other opinions. Help out. Let someone into traffic. Ask how someone is doing. Really listen. Compliment someone. Say please and thank you. Changing the tone and attitude in this country is our collective responsibility.

We need to find that moral compass Cook speaks of. We've all lost it somewhere along the way, and we're all guilty. You and me. Everyone.

Mary Ann Bryant

Substance lacking in Cook's column

Once again a column on Page 2 of the Sunday Times Free Press should have appeared on Page F3 in the Rants of the Perspective section.

A Page 2 opinion column needs to be more than liberal talking points, sound bites and baseless innuendos. A Page 2 column needs to have content and documented arguments. It needs to have protasis and apodosis.

For example: 1. State why Blackburn is a moderate; 2. State which Judeo-Christian virtues are being violated by the GOP; 3. State what morals are lost by GOP; 4. State or list Trump lies.

David Cook's opinion column needs substance to support his opinion. If not, it's just more "fake news" or "shallow opinion."

Ron Spruill

No warning made on traffic change

I am writing today to raise awareness about dangerous traffic conditions in our city.

Last Thursday, a construction team significantly altered the traffic pattern approaching the intersections of East Brainerd and Banks roads. No previous notice of the change was posted. The change is just below the top of a hill, so that motorists approaching from the direction of Ooltewah-Ringgold Road are unaware of the change until they are already upon it.

I narrowly avoided a head-on collision on the morning of the 9th with a motorist in the wrong lane.

The construction team provided insufficient warnings.

William Dean

Apison, Tenn.

Swap cartoons out for more puzzles

Your editorial cartoons are not funny. Nor are they entertaining. In fact, most of them seem offensive in some way.

Why don't you drop them, and print more crossword puzzles? They are not offensive, and help educate the readers.

Michael Chambers

Cleveland, Tenn.