5-at-10: Friday mailbag with NCAA hoops corruption, Rushmore of sporting events we wish we had attended, UK ceiling, hate mail

5-at-10: Friday mailbag with NCAA hoops corruption, Rushmore of sporting events we wish we had attended, UK ceiling, hate mail

October 12th, 2018 by Jay Greeson in Breaking News

Kentucky's four team captains — linebackers Josh Allen and Kash Daniel, running back Benny Snell and safety Mike Edwards — walk to midfield before last Saturday night's upset win at Florida. / University of Kentucky photo


From Hal


I have sent you two questions looking for reasons why you are such a jack(butt) and all you can send back is 'yes' each time. 

That's it!!! I am done with your stupid 5@10!!!

Hope it makes you happy that I'll never ready your (poop) again (BLEEP)HOLE.

You and your 1-word answers can have a great day yourself too.

Hal --


Kentucky's Pj Washington (25) shoots while defended by Missouri's Jontay Porter (11) during the first half of an NCAA college basketball game Saturday, Feb. 24, 2018, in Lexington, Ky.(AP Photo/James Crisp)

Kentucky's Pj Washington (25) shoots while defended by...

Photo by James Crisp

From Big Deal

Jay maybe you can help me on this. Why is everyone making a big deal about the court case with Adidas and college basketball players? Everyone knows what is going on and everyone does it.

It's not like the coaches or the schools have paid these kids.

Big Deal 

Couple of things.

First, the 'everyone knows what is going on and everyone does it' rationale is interesting. (And judging by your email handle, well, here's betting that when the Nike folks get called to the stand, well, hold on to that for a moment.)

That theory is interesting and short-sighted and soft-selling this.

There is a difference from everyone in your family knowing something and then everyone knowing something, right? The first one you may have reason to try to adjust and live with. When everyone knows -- including lawmakers, school presidents and the NCAA -- and has proof, well, that's a different kettle of fish.

Next, in at least the case of Louisville, the coaches have paid these kids. And now it is impossible not to look around and wonder if Player X is getting $100K from School Y, how in the world can superpower house School Z (be it UNC, UK, Duke, Gonzaga) not be paying something to get the best players every year.

Because ask yourself this: If a dude like Brian Bowen, who is a fine player but was a four-star who did not get drafted and is playing overseas is worth six-figures, what would the Michael Porters or the Josh Jacksons or the Anthony Davises worth through the years?

That also leads us to the question of how low does the pay-outs go? Is it in the Southern Conference, because while UTC may not be in the running for a four-star, luring a three-star from Davidson or CoC back in the day or from Wofford or MTSU these days can make a monster difference for a program?

This also is why all the powers that be want the 7-on-7 football camps in prep football to die. Those 'outside-the-structure' elements of 7-on-7 teams with sponsors and outside interests are impossible to control, and the strength of the way college football skirts the rules is power.

The college football powers have control of the arse-kissing boosters because those folks would rather fly coach than not be considered a 'friend of the progam.' The college football powers have control of the NCAA because the NCAA knows that football pays the bills at half the Power 5 schools and if the NCAA wanted to flex its muscles on any program larger than Mississippi, the whispers of breaking away would grow and the NCAA -- which is the largest and richest collection of eunuchs since Cleopatra was in office -- can't afford that long term. 

College hoops lost that long ago, and the coaches were willing to give up that powers because unless you were at UK or UNC or a few other out posts, the basketball coach was paid a fraction of what the football coach was paid, and the big infusion of cash that made up that ground was sneaker money.

As for the details in the FBI case against the shoe companies, well, they are fascinating and if they came from a Carl Hiaasen novel, they would seem no less outlandish.

Take this story about former Kansas player Billy Preston, from the excellent reporting from YahooSports ace Dan Wetzel. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/fake-affairs-charger-driving-great-grandmas-300k-expense-accounts-inside-routine-day-hoops-trial-012320618.html

Preston drove a tricked out Dodge Charger -- a monster ride for any young fellow. He wrecked it and that caused the Kansas compliance people to wonder, "Hey how did Billy have the coin for a Charger anyway?"

So, during the Adidas rep's testimony that he gave Preston's mom -- the aptly named Nicole Player -- $90K the family's defense attorney said the car was registered in the name of Player's grandmother, who recently died. How many great-grandmothers you know passing down their souped-up Charger to their five-star basketball playing grandson? Exactly

Well, Player was worried about the paper trail of all the money she was getting so she texted said Adidas rep, who is a man, that she told the Kansas folks that she and the rep were involved romantically. 

The flaw there of course is that Player was living with her lesbian partner. 

Yep, take all that in.      

And for the super juicy side conspiracy theorists out there, think about what's happening in the Nike camps or the Under Armour circles right now?

Or even if the Nike folks have something to do with all this hubbub.

So yes, Big Deal, this is a big deal if for no other reason than the NCAA is going to have to punish some of the biggest programs in the sport when all is said and done or completely change the narrative of its mission.

For example, if, as testified Thursday, DeAndre Ayton took money before playing at Arizona, then he is no longer eligible and no longer an amateur.

All of last year's anything has to be vacated and, under the NCAA's rulings that even if a coach did not know he is still on the hook, well, there are issues to be handled.

Buckle up because no matter how passionately Roy WIlliams tells us there's nothing to see here, there's a ton to see here. And in the days, weeks and months ahead.

Georgia linebacker D'Andre Walker (15) celebrates with defensive end Jonathan Ledbetter after sacking Tennessee quarterback Jarrett Guarantano during the Bulldogs' 38-12 win on Sept. 29 in Athens. The Vols cut Georgia's lead to 24-12 in the final period for one of the closest fourth-quarter scores the Bulldogs have had this season.

Georgia linebacker D'Andre Walker (15) celebrates with defensive...

Photo by Contributed Photo /Times Free Press.

From Stephen

Georgia is getting ready to go thru the gauntlet. If Ga trips at all the game in Lexington is gonna be lit. Ga more than likely will be the east champs, but I'd love to see KY show up in the ATL in Nov. You think Ky can go 10-2?

Stephen --

Yes, the rest of UK's schedule is very doable other than Georgia.

That was a tough loss to A&M but one that seems like part of the growing process in what is already a very special season.

Georgia does have some tough tests before it but that team is amazingly deep and, despite their youth, the Bulldogs have speed to burn. We think they roll LSU tomorrow, and DeAndre Baker gets at least one pick and maybe a pick six. (Cue the Coming to America: "That boy is good.") https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0MWxgDi1sw

From Mike

Do you have a Rushmore of sporting events you wish you had been in attendance for? Thanks and keep up the great work here and on Press Row. You are great.

Mike --

Thanks. You and Hal likely are not in the same circles.

As for our Rushmore of events, well, great question, and it leads us to a very special anniversary. (Explainer here: Doing only events from my lifetime. Sure Jesse Owens in the 1936 Olympics would have been amazing, and so many of Ali's too. But these are from times when I was old enough to remember being a sports fan.)

But first, far left would have been the Auburn-Oregon national title game, because the way things are going currently, it will be a long time before Auburn has that chance again. (Side note: If you are a college football fan of any school that does not sound like Calahama, and your school gets a title shot, go. If you can make it work, make it work. Trust me on this.)

Amazingly the US-USSR hockey game is not on that list for me. I was 10 at the time, and we watched it on TV with my mom. It's one of the strongest sports memories I have with her.

No. 2 would be being on the Augusta National course in 1986 on that Sunday when Jack was out of this world.

No. 3 would be, and these are in no particular order other than memory and saving the anniversary for last, the Kick Six most likely. (And yes, my Rushmore is certainly Auburn heavy, but you know why.) 

No. 4 would be Game 1 of the 1988 World Series, which was 30 years ago this coming Monday. The Gibson game. Enough said.

That brings us to this week's Rushmores

Rushmore of quarterbacks: Brady, Montana, Manning, Unitas. 

Rushmore of TV shows with a number in the title: Hawaii 5-0; Three's Company; 24; 60 minutes.

Rushmore drums and drummers: Little Drummer Boy (far left), Bang the Drum Slowly (underrated baseball movie), Drumsticks (both the chicken and ice cream version), Mr. Drum-mond from "Diff'rent Stokes." 

Rushmore of iconic fight scenes in movie history: Dalton and Jimmy in Road House; Daniel vs. Johnny Lawrence in the All-Valley title in Karate Kid; Just about the enter movie with Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon; Drago vs Apollo (If he dies he dies). This one is harder than we expected considering all the martial arts and such and the resent run of great action movies. Never mind we did not have the News Brawl from Anchorman on here. (Tonight's top story: The streets run red with Burgandy's blood.)

And now for this week's less than fan mail (Brought to you by Hal and all of his buddies)

Hard to believe you wasted your time writing that column and worse yet I wasted my time reading it. Far below your quality.


It figures a waste of space like you would like Taylor Swift. Grow a pair you (bleep).

Almost there...

How do you have a (bleep)ing job!!! You make me sick.

Enjoy the weekend friends

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