5-at-10: Friday mailbag with a lot of Masters, a Game of Thrones plan, being nervous, Unlikable fictional presidents and this week's Rushmores

5-at-10: Friday mailbag with a lot of Masters, a Game of Thrones plan, being nervous, Unlikable fictional presidents and this week's Rushmores

April 12th, 2019 by Jay Greeson in Breaking News

This image released by HBO shows Vladimir Furdik as The Night King on the season finale of "Game of Thrones." The series set yet another audience record Sunday with its seventh-season finale. Nielsen says an all-time high of 12.1 million viewers were tuned in to the wildly popular fantasy drama. An additional 4 million caught the episode on streaming channels. (HBO via AP)

Photo by The Associated Press /Times Free Press.

From Jack (and a few others)

I was disappointed in you this week. I thought you would have much more talk about GoT this week. It comes back Sunday. You are aware of this correct?

Jack —

Yes, I am aware. Yes, I will be watching. Yes, I am excited.

A few of you expressed some form of Game of Thrones questions.

But sadly, I have very few answers, nor do I want to do much research in fear of spoiling the next six weeks.

The Mrs. 5-at-10 and I have completed a series rewatch over the last few weeks/months and we are locked and loaded. (That said, even having watched every episode at least two times, I'm not 100 percent on all the names. Anyone else in that boat?)

As for the impact of this show, well, one, the TV numbers for the last six episodes will be huge.

Each are about 90 minutes and reportedly had budgets well into eight figures, which means each will have a movie-like feel.

Also, how about these numbers sent from the GoT Twitter account: Per episode average viewership in US (millions): season one - 9.3; season two - 11.6; season three - 14.4; season four - 19.1; season five - 20.2; season six - 25.7; season seven - 32.8. 

So we could be looking at an average of 40 million per episode, which is staggering for an HBO series. And think about it this way: Can you remember a TV return with this type of anticipation and expectation? Who shot JR set the all-time bar for that, but GoT's final season may be second on that list.

And we are down for Tuesday discussions of GoT around these parts for those who watch. We will stay away from Mondays to make sure everyone has a chance to see the episode. 

Virginia's Kyle Guy (5) and Texas Tech's Davide Moretti (25) chase a loose ball during the overtime in the championship of the Final Four NCAA college basketball tournament, Monday, April 8, 2019, in Minneapolis. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)


From Jamie

Worst riffed tourney ever, not just talking about (Auburn-Virginia) game. Agree? If not, let's go to the monitor.


I don't know. Maybe.

In some ways it feels like we are making too much about the missed calls, if that makes sense.

Yes, the missed double-dribble was a crushing but I think a lot of this is magnified by the 24/7 sports chatter-verse if that makes sense.

And the last thing any of us should want is more monitors and more replay.

Especially in college hoops. 

Keith Mitchell tees off on the second hole of Augusta National during Thursday's opening round of the Masters. Mitchell had a mostly uneventful debut at the year's first major as he shot par, save a down-and-up sequence on the 14th through 16th holes in which he made double bogey-eagle-birdie.

Photo by Associated Press /Times Free Press.

From Mike R.

Did you get my Masters entry? Thanks for the gift card and T-shirt. That's the first March Madness pool or contest I have ever won and I enter a few every tournament.

Mike R.

Yes. I got it. And congratulations again.

I am planning on posting all the entries later today.

Good luck, and yes we will have a draft contest too. 

I love the draft. You know this.

From several of you about Augusta and the Masters (rapid-fire style)

Best hole at Augusta National: All of them. (12 may be favorite to watch, 7 is my favorite to play — made birdie there — 11 is the hardest in my opinion and the elevation changes on 10 have to be seen to be believed.)

Where should I watch: This was from someone headed there for the first time this weekend. Here's what I responded: "Walk the whole course first. Pick an early group — non-Tiger if you can — and follow them from the start to at least Amen Corner. Grab a Co-Cola and stay there for a group or two. and finish the walk. Then circle back to either 5 green/6 tee — a sneaky great place to watch a lot of shots — or 2 green/3 tee for the late groups. Enjoy.

Lunch order: In the media center, the food was always great. On the grounds, hard to top a $1.50 Pimento Cheese (yes they are that good) and a $3 beverage of choice.

Best Memory: The roar in 2005 when Tiger chipped in. Never heard anything like it — before or since.

Were you nervous when you played it: Standing on the tee box at Augusta National for the first time generated more than a few butterflies for a slew of reasons. First in 2003, they did not let the media guests use the range. (When I played it in 2011, the let us use the range and even dress in the champions locker room. I used the locker shared by Angel Cabrera and Art Wall and kept a Masters shoe horn and a score pad for gin rummy.) Second, the guy carrying my bag likely would have beat me by five shots a side. And, it's the Masters for Pete's sake. But the guy right before me shanked a heat-seeking missile into the concourse that rattled around like someone firing an uzi in a rental facility that finally banging around when someone screamed "Damn it!" I knew I wasn't going to do worse than that, so I put my peg in the ground and smoked one right through the heart of the first fairway.

No place like it.  

From Jules 

Dude who plays President David Palmer on "24" is also on that voice-over Rushmore. Has there even been a more likeable fictional president?

Jules —

The likable ones are fun to pick. 

There's Jeb Bartlett from West Wing. There's Harrison Ford from Air Force One. There's the unbelievably corny — a Road House-esque so sappy it's great — speech from Bill Pullman as Thomas J. Whitmore in Independence Day. (And yes, Thomas J. Whitmore is a great fake president name, by the way.)

Heck, I think we even had a Rushmore on that very topic at some point.

But what about the other way. Rushmore of the most unlikable fictional presidents.

Kevin Spacey's character in House of Cards. (We did not watch the show, but have heard the stories.) James Cromwell's president against Harrison Ford's Jack Ryan in Clear and Present Danger. Billy Bob Thornton's president in Love Actually.

And of course Mark Cuban's president in Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!. (Yes, that's the name of it and yes they made three of those things.)

Which brings us to the Masters Rushmores of this week.

Masters Rushmore: Jones, Jack, Roberts, Tiger. Sorry Arnie.

Rushmore of all-time sports venues: Augusta National, Churchill Downs, Wimbledon and The Rose Bowl.

Worst Masters shots: Scott Hoch's putt in 1988, Rory's tee shot on 10, Spite's second shot into the drink on 12, Arnie's skulled bunker shot on the 72nd hole that led to double and gave Gary Player a one-shot win in 1961.

Best shots in Masters history: Jack's 5 iron on 16 in '86, Maze's chip in '87, Tiger's chip on 16, Sarazen's second in 1935 on 15.  

San Antonio Spurs legend Tim Duncan's banner is revealed during his jersey retirement ceremony Sunday, Dec. 18, 2016, in San Antonio. (AP Photo/Darren Abate)

Photo by The Associated Press/Times Free Press.

From Chas 

True-False--Nowitski is the most underrated all-timer. (And)

The Cats and the Cavs are co-faves to win it all next year, at 7-1, says WestGate Superbook. Texas Tech, Mississippi State, Auburn and Tennessee are all 30-1. Who you got?

Chas —

Dirk is in the conversation for sure, but I lean toward false. I think Tim Duncan is right there.

So too is Wilt Chamberlain.

As for college hoops next year, well, of that group, I like your Cats. I like what Michigan State could bring back too.

You have to think Duke will assemble a fair amount of talent, and Coach K brings back his point guard too.

The others listed up there, well, I think UT is going to lose Bone and Grant as well as the seniors.

I was surprised that Jared Harper sounds this sure to leave, but then again, his stock may never be higher. (A lot like Grant Williams in my opinion.)

The big one for Bruce is whether Chuma Okeke stays to rehab or enters the draft. If Okeke returns — and is able to play before Christmas, well, he may be the best returning player in the SEC. Pearl playing nine and 10 guys will help the transition of the post-Jared, Chuma, Bryce days.

From Spy

Something else crossed my mind, 5. What was the most uncomfortable you've been? like maybe going into the wrong dining room at Augusta National?

Spy —

You know me Spy, I don't get uncomfortable all that often.

Fine speaking in from of people. Heck, the last time I (we) entered the wrong dining room at Augusta National, I just picked up a menu and asked about the specials, if memory serves.

I will say this, back when I used to co-host the Best of Preps banquet, it was always tense before the real speaker showed up because if something came up, well, it likely would have been a half hour of the 5-at-10: An Oral History. (And yes, when the Williams sisters were about 20 minutes late because they wanted to try the banana pudding at Southern Star — true story — that was hugely uncomfortable.)

OK, here's one more, and this one may seem strange, especially considering the number of youth sports events I've coached. Watching the Lil 5-at-10 in the Spelling Bee was all kinds of nerve-wracking. 


Have a great weekend friends.

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