Jay Greeson

From Peter

OK, this is my first mailbag question. I've read the 5-at-10 for a few years now and look forward to your college predictions more than anything.
Are you going to pick NFL games this year? Also, did you see anything from (Thursday's) preseason games that surprised you?
Thanks and keep up the good work.

Peter —

Thanks for playing along, and I have every intention of starting up our college football picks on Thursday in the very near future.
As we discussed before, the expansion of legalized gambling will change the way sports are covered sooner rather than later, and the info and tips or trends from folks with a betting history will be everywhere.
Our track record is pretty doggone strong on the college picks. We started at the beginning of 2011 — yeah, it's been that long ago, Spy — and we have our all-time record somewhere. We'll find it and post it later today.
We were 74-50-4 overall (59.7 percent) last year including a strong 21-12-2 (63.6 percent) bowl showing — and that was with picking Georgia and Alabama at the end of the postseason.
Last night, we went 2-1 in our preseason picks and we have every intention of picking NFL games, too.
In fact, if we did an NFL or college picks contest each week at the TFP, would you play along? Answer here or in my email at
As for last night, well, I think the biggest overreaction will be "Wow, Daniel Jones is Da Man" after the Giants rookie showed out.
The Browns looked great. The Pats are still the Pats. The Falcons simply could not care less about the preseason.
But are three items from last night to keep an eye on:
> Titans QB deal — Mariota in team option season of rookie deal looking for franchise QB money, or Ryan Tannehill, who looked pretty sharp last night.
> Preston Williams looked AWESOME for the Dolphins last night. The former UT player who transferred to Colorado State went undrafted last spring and was a dude last night.
> The story of Damon Sheehy-Guiseppi, the Cleveland free agent who had an 86-yard punt return for a TD last night that caused a Browns celebration from fans unfamiliar with preseason exploits. That's because Sheehy-Guiseppi was sleeping outside and lied to get into an open tryout before running a sub-4.4 40 back in April. Here's hoping that dude makes the team. 

From Sportsfan

Sportsfan Jr. graduates with his master's degree from MTSU on Saturday.  He keeps sending me text updates about what "The Ocho" is broadcasting today. I got to say, I'm a proud parent knowing he's got his priorities in order. For the mailbag, what events would you want to see broadcast on "The Ocho" in the future?   


Such a great question.
Wednesday's day of strange sports that celebrates ESPN the Ocho, the fictional channel that steals the show in the classic movie "Dodgeball," was filled with some great blends and crazy sports.
There was the 51st national stone-skipping competition, which was followed by Chess Boxing, which of course is three minutes of fighting and three minutes of chess and the winner either gets a KO or a checkmate. Cherry spitting, Putt-Putt, and a pretty cool Golden Tee championship.
The School Bus Figure 8 was nuts, too.
Well, we were surprised that there was not more video game stuff, but maybe that has gotten too big time now. Not unlike how cornhole started on The Ocho and outgrew it.
As for future, I would watch fantasy sports drafts. (Yes, I love the draft. You know this.) Could team capture the flag be done? Maybe. Speed golf? Potentially. I'm surprised there has not been more gambling — remember when we thought watching others play poker was nuts — like blackjack or craps.
If we are going to blend sports, while the Chess Boxing sets a high bar, we could have some leg wrestling bingo, maybe.
We need more rock-paper-scissors and thumb wrestling.
What board game would be the most compelling?
Feedback is welcome on this.

That of course leads us to this week's Rushmores

Rushmore of Dustin Hoffman movies: "The Graduate," "All the President's Men," "Rain Man" and "Tootsie." Yes, that leaves off "Kramer vs. Kramer," which he was aces in, and "Midnight Cowboy." But "All the President's Men" is on every journalist's list ever.
Rushmore of sports movie announcers: Harry Doyle ("Major League") is MJ, the tandem of Cotton and Pepper is so good, they deserve their own show on "ESPN the Ocho," Lou and Dick in "Semi-Pro"; Buck Laughlin in "Best in Show."

Rushmore of dances: The Twist, the weeding all-timer that is the Electric Slide (It's Electric gang), Cotton-Eye Joe, Moon Walk. (Not super confident in this one, to be honest.)

Rushmore of military/war quotes: "Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead;" "Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes;" (And that one gets bonus points for inspiring the "Shoot low boys, they're ridin' Shetland ponies.") Excellent call on "It's a trap" from Gen. Akbar, but it just misses because of McArthur's double duo of "It is fatal to enter a war without the will to win it" or  "Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword never encountered automatic weapons." And of course my personal fav from Gen. Schwarzkopf, who, when asked about forgiving the terrorists in the 9/11 attacks, said, "I believe that forgiving them is God's function. Our job is simply to arrange the meeting." Amen and pass the ammunition.  

From TC
You guys may have covered the loss of 2 Vol linemen in 24 hours on today's show? I know it was abbreviated due to the Braves' afternoon game, but here's my question:
Do either you or David have any insights on what the hell is taking the NCAA so long to act on the Michigan transfer?
Did someone in Knoxville crap in somebody's Post Toasties at the NCAA?

TC —
Great question and the Michigan transfer — Aubrey Solomon — is needed now more than ever.
It will be interesting to see how this one plays out, for sure.
As for inside knowledge of the NCAA, well, the only real knowledge about the NCAA is it is run by a collection of self-preservation specialists who are full of it.

Not exactly fan mail

Jay, You are very good on the sports pages. Maybe consider a transfer. Put Pickles on page A2.

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