Michelle Wie of the United States drives from the fourth tee during the third round of the Canadian Pacific Women's Open golf tournament in Ottawa, Ontario, Saturday, Aug. 26, 2017. (Sean Kilpatrick/The Canadian Press via AP)


I enjoy when you guys talk about golf on Press Row and it made me think. You don't discuss a lot of LPGA, so I thought I would ask here how would you describe Michelle Wie's career?

Sara —

Great question and thanks for listening and reading.

If I had to pick one word, it would be disappointing, but that's not fair because that's measuring her career to unfair expectations.

Because ask yourself this: As great as Tiger Woods has been, he's the only golfer who has ever had the type of pre-professional build-up that Wie had. (And, for a lot of us, if Tiger never wins another major, the word 'disappointment' will be used by a lot of folks in describing his career considering we thought he'd have 22-plus majors by now.)

She has had success — five wins and a major championship — but she has not become Tiger (Who has?) or even a transcendental star in her sport.

She has made a ton of money — $6 million playing golf and more than twice that over her career in sponsorships — too.

And the amazing thing is she will be 30 — yes, only 30 — in October. 

If I had to pick one word, I would say incomplete. 

This week's Rushmores:

Academy Award winning songs (excellent point this week about Disney's domination of this category, so we'll offer two) — Disney version includes When you Wish Upon a Star, Under the Sea, Can You Feel the Love Tonight (How great was the Lion King soundtrack? There were three nominations in 1994), and We Belong Together from Toy Story 3. I'm not crying you're crying. Shut up. Non-Disney is White Christmas, Raindrops Keep Fallin' on my Head, Lose Yourself, It's Hard out Here for a Pimp.  (Side note: Did you know Chattanooga Choo Choo was nominated in 1941? We got hosed by "Last Time I Saw Paris" if you ask me. Side note part II: The Rushmore of Oscar winning songs reappearing in a comedy has to start with Steve Martin's "Three Coins in a Fountain" in Planes, Trains and Automobiles and Fletch belting out "Moon River" right?)

Country Music nicknames: The Man in Black is boss. Red-Headed Stranger (and Shotgun Willie), Luke the Drifter, and The Gambler. 

Actors who played aliens (and technically everyone in Star Wars is an alien somewhere): Nimoy as Spock, Williams as Mork, Natasha Who'sHerPants in Species, Christopher Reeve in Superman.

Rushmore of chili additions: Cheese, of course, is far left, Fritos, onions, Saltines Not as big a fan of the sour cream as others.

From Sam G.

Why do you keep picking basketball? You are sucking right now. You need to stick to picking football games. Seriously.

Wait keep picking basketball games and I will take the other side. 

Sam —

You are completely welcome to fade our picks and after this week — we went 4-7-1 since Monday night — and have slid to 39-27-2.

Last night's 1-2 showing — Michigan over hit, Xavier-St. John's under and Wichita State (-4.5) missed — certainly did not help.

And in truth, the ups and downs are part of the cycle of entertainment hunting. 

As for things that are not normally part of the entertainment pursuit, well, this from loyal reader SteelerFan qualifies.  

Meet Robert Brandel, a 60-year-old New York man who ran a $50,000 Super Bowl pool that he thought he had rigged. Well, someone else won the big prize, so Brandel faked his own kidnapping.

So at least we are not there yet. 

some text
Bryce Harper, shown celebrating after winning the Home Run Derby during All-Star Game festivities last July in Washington, D.C., has agreed to sign with the Philadelphia Phillies, a person familiar with the negotiations told The Associated Press. Harper, a free agent, had played for the Washington Nationals since making his MLB debut in 2012.

From Larry

What do you think the Harper signing means for the Braves?

Larry —

Well, it's certainly not good. 

Harper is going to benefit from the hitter-friendly confines of playing in Citizen's Park in Philly. 

Everyone in the division (other than the Marlins) got better this offseason. Yes, the Braves added Josh Donaldson and resigned Nick Markakis, but neither is Harper. (I know the Braves are holding out hope that it will be Donaldson of 2014 not Donaldson of 2018, which makes us think of the great scene in Major League when Jake Taylor walked into spring training and the Indians brain trust offers, "Wish we had him two years ago." "We did." "Four years ago then.") 

Are the Phillies better than the Braves?

Let's compare:

Lineup: Edge Phillies with the addition of Harper and catcher J.T. Realmuto. Philadelphia added two of arguably three best position players to change locales in the offseason. And the top half of that lineup, if it goes Hernandez (15 homers), Harper (34 homers), Segura (.304, 10 HRs), Hoskins (34 HRs), Realmuto (21 homers), Andrew Mccutcheon (20 homers), Herrera (22 homers), Franco (22 homers), well that's a ton of power 1-through-8 that hit 178 homers last year.

Starting pitching: Edge Phillies in top of the order aces with Nola and Arrieta. Depth likely would favor the Braves, which could mean a few more wins in the regular season but is a big detriment come the 'er' months.

Bullpen: Push. Let's face it, there are three or four teams that have a true strength in their bullpen. There are three or four teams that have a true weakness in their bullpen. Everyone else rides the ebbs and flows of the game.

The Phillies' odds to win the World Series improved from 12-to-1 to 10-to-1, and the odds to win the NL pennant dropped from 6-to-1 to 9-to-2, and they are now the favorite to win the NL East at 23-to-10. (Yes, 23-to-10.) 

As for the East, the Nationals are next at 5-to-2 with the Mets and Braves at 3-to-1.

It also opens up the conversation about when do the Braves extend Ronald Acuna, Jr., because he's a dude.     

some text
Tennessee's coach Holly Warlick reacts to play on the court against South Carolina Sunday afternoon at Thompson-Boling Arena in Knoxville. Photo by Patrick Murphy-Racey

From a bunch of you

We all agree it's time for Holly to go. But better question would be who replaces her?

Gang —

I'm not entirely sure, and 99 times out of 100, we are adamant about do not fire someone until unless you have an improvement. 

This one is different, especially after last night. It's one thing to lose to a Vandy team when Vandy was an annual Elite Eight contender. This is the worst Vandy team possibly ever and they beat UT in K-town last night.

It's done, and finding someone to redirect no worse than the second best program in the history of that sport is not as important as re-energizing the fan base and galvanizing the program by doing what has to be done.

Yes, it's painful. Holly has given her life to that program and here's hoping that Phillip Fulmer — who may be the only person who has given more to any UT athletic program alive — finds her a spot somewhere.

But this has to be done, and I believe even Holly knows it.

As for the names and the candidates, hard to know, but there would be no shortage of candidates because now your are not replacing the legend, you are replacing the replacement of the legend.

some text
Kentucky's Reid Travis, top, and Tennessee's Grant Williams chase down a loose ball during the first half of Saturday night's top-five showdown in Lexington, Ky.

From another slew of you

UK-UT part II, who you got?

Gang —

Lots of UT questions this week. (And yes, Mike, I got the UT baseball question too. Relax. It's still very early my man.)

I have Kentucky. Again. I think they are longer — even without Reid Travis — and more comfortable in these type of settings, especially on the road.

Yes, the lack of Travis, who is still nursing a sore knee, will be noticeable, especially if Grant Williams can make P.J. Washington work more on the defensive end and/or get into foul issues.

If I am a Johnny Vols Fan, I am encouraged by Lamonte Turner's improved shooting in Oxford. 

If I am a Johnny Vols Fan, I am encouraged by Travis' absence.

If I am a Johnny Vols Fan, I am encouraged that the rematch is in the 865.

That said, if I am a Johnny Vols Fan, I am perplexed that Jordan Bowden has been MIA since January and it's now March.

if I am a Johnny Vols Fan, I am perplexed that UK steamrolled us last time and Tyler Herro was rather pedestrian.

if I am a Johnny Vols Fan, I am perplexed that UK is that athletic and that seasoned.

I expect this one to be a much more competitive contest.

As for Chas' specific requests, well, I think Williams will be supremely motivated and play well. A smidge better than Washington by the numbers and in the intangibles. (Both of those dudes do a lot of the little things that can make good teams great, especially defensively around the basket.)

The difference Saturday? UK has a Herro.

Sorry gang. Got too late for the hate mail. Maybe next week.

Enjoy the weekend friends.