Kathleen Greeson has an underwater-equipped camera and the above photo was from the 5-at-10 clan taking a SNUBA - part snorkel, part SCUBA - excursion.

Wow, coming at you live on Aloha time.

Yep, the Mrs. 5-at-10 has an underwater-equiped camera and the above photo was from the 5-at-10 clan taking a SNUBA — part snorkel, part SCUBA — excursion Wednesday. 

I think it was Wednesday, but at this point, days and time are completely irreverent and unknown.

True or false on a Thursday: Mark of a great vacation is when you lose track of what day it is. True or false on a Thursday, part II: People who choose to write 'lose' as 'loose' are playing too loose (or is it lose) with the rules.

From the edge of paradise, let's do this.

Tournament time

Gang, there is still time to be in our contest. 

We have about 60 entries. We still have time if you want to play the "First 1 out, Last one standing" challenge. Give me the 1 seed you think will be bounced first and the double-digit seed you believe will dance the longest. And yes, game time matters, as in if all 1s get to the Final Four, the loser (or is it looser?) of the first semifinal is the first 1 out.

You can enter in the comments or at my email at before noon today. 

If you are looking for a last minute tournament pool, well, there is time before noon to get in the ESPN Chattanooga bracket challenge. Here's a link how
Speaking of brackets

Man, if you have time to land a job with Warren Buffett between the posting of these ramblings and noon when the tournament starts, well, make sure you get your sheet entered.

Buffett is offering $1 million a year for life to any of his employees who get all the Sweet 16 correct.

Yes, $1 million per year for life.

This is far more attainable, even if it is less lucrative, than the $1 billion for a perfect bracket he offered a few years ago.

Either way, dude has a) a true love for the dance; b) a sneaky itch for the gambling; and c) an insane amount of cabbage.

some text
FILE - In this Sept. 26, 2014, file photo, Bishop Gorman quarterback Tate Martell is tackled by St. John Bosco's Clifford Simms during the first half of a high school football game in Las Vegas. Martell, the nation's No. 2 junior quarterback according to the 247Sports Composite, has verbally committed to Texas A&M. (AP Photo/Isaac Brekken, File)

Game on, game over

Tate Martell was granted immediate eligibility.

If it was a normal 5-at-10 day and not 3:43 a.m. on Thursday morning while I am wrapping things up in Hawaii, I would write a bunch on this. This morning, I am going to try to move quickly.

Martell transferred on the age-old argument that he wanted more playing.

He did not find an ailing aunt closer to home. He did not petition on some outlying loophole. He did not play the victim card from a drunken baseball player dropping an N-bomb.

Nope Martell was disgruntled about Justin Fields coming to THE Ohio State and being No. 2 on the depth chart. Period end of discussion.

And you know what? I'm OK with it. 

Save the 'Tough it out' and "Champions stay and compete.' That coach-speak fortune cookie talk becomes completely hollow and invalid in sports in general and college sports in particular.

Coaches move all the time. Because it's a business.

Fans get disgruntled all the time because they are the customers of the business.

Coaches get fired from time to time because they are losing, which is bad for business.

Coaches recruit over players because they need to find the best 'employees' for their business.

Coaches, universities and the NCAA in general are reluctant to give more than one-year guaranteed scholarships (contracts) because, say it with me, "It's a business."

But we expect the players — the load-lifting employees that tote the barge and life the bale — to revere this loyalty-driven pageantry of tradition and circumstance that we call college football?


Students transfer all the time across all majors, subjects and interests, including some sports. And they are immediate eligible to enroll or participate or whatever as soon as the transcripts hit.

In truth, this is another duplicitous lie told to the player: Pick your school because of the school and what it has to offer. Not the coach or the staff.

OK, Martell picked THE Ohio State because he wants to be an NFL QB. With the chance to show his skills — or some would say, 'inter' for the NFL on Saturdays in the fall — Martell's desired curriculum and ultimate profession (football) is much more difficult to attain at his current locale of hiring learning.

Man, the NCAA needs to realize it is a T-Rex and adapt because it sure feels like a culture-changing swing of the justice and morality hammer is coming.

Sooner rather than later. 

This and that

— Because our love for violence knows no bounds, ere's a story on the Russian Slapping Championship, which is exactly what it sounds like

— Speaking of the tournament, man, this guy is the early star of the show. Abilene Christian coach Joe Golding has one suit for the tournament, and it has a hole in the pants. Giddy-up Joe and give UK a scare. Not too much, though. I got UK winning the whole thing in my ESPN Chattanooga bracket. 

— I apologize for not making any hoops picks this week. Have not had the time to investigate them properly.

— AAF picks? Sure, if you would like them. (These are the only lines I saw.) Orlando minus-9 over Atlanta. They are ticked. We'll also rise with San Antonio, Birmingham and San Diego getting the points.

Today's question

True or false questions above are in place.

True or false, the Tate Martell decision will open the floodgates for almost universal transferring, which in likelihood will be college football and basketball free agency? 

True or false you are in the contest or a March Madness pool.

true or false 

Matthew Broderick is 57 on this day, March 21.

Rushmore of 1980s comedy movie characters, because Broderick's Ferris Bueller has a legit claim.

Remember the contest and the mailbag.