Chattanooga man attempted to bribe a police officer after robbing a Papa John's

Chattanooga man attempted to bribe a police officer after robbing a Papa John's

May 14th, 2019 by Rosana Hughes in Breaking News

Anthony Labron Bell

Anthony Labron Bell

Photo by Contributed Photo /Times Free Press.

A Chattanooga man is in jail after trying to bribe a police officer following an arrest for a Papa John's restaurant armed robbery earlier this month.

Anthony Labron Bell, 29, is accused of being one of two men who robbed the pizza restaurant, located at 5942 Highway 58 on May 2, Hamilton County Court records show.

Just over a week later on May 10, Chattanooga police received an anonymous tip that Bell was seen in a grey Saturn in the area of East Chattanooga, court records state.

Officers spotted the suspected vehicle in the 1700 block of Taylor Street and saw Bell and two others exit and walk toward the 1800 block of Arlington Avenue. There, police made contact and detained the men, though the two others were released.

Upon securing a search warrant for the vehicle, police found a loaded Glock 27 with an extended magazine in the glove box, court records show. It had one round in the chamber and 22 rounds in the magazine. 

In a child's car seat in backseat of the car was a loaded pink 9mm handgun and an extended magazine was found lying in a child's car seat, according to court records.

Back at the police station, Bell's police interview was cut short because he asked for a lawyer. But on his way to the jail, Bell asked an officer how much money the officer had ever held in his hand. He then told the officer he had $40,000 "stashed away" and asked if they could go to get the money so he "could have freedom."

That scored him a bribery of a public servant charge in addition to the robbery charges. He remains in the Hamilton County Jail on a $75,000 bond, online jail records show.

Bell has an extensive arrest history in Hamilton County dating back to 2008, online court records show, including at least 15 aggravated robbery and burglary charges. Seven of those were added between April 5 and May 8.

Several of his other charges include unlawful possession of a weapon, criminal conspiracy and criminal impersonation. 

Criminal impersonation is invoked when a person gives false identifying information or impersonates another person, an organization representative or government employee, or pretends to have a handicap.