Contributed by DeKalb County Sheriff's Office / Glenn Carter
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Contributed photo by DeKalb County Sheriff's Office / Jonathan Howell

A burned boat discovered months ago in DeKalb County, Alabama, triggered an investigation that led authorities last week to numerous stolen items that included antique furniture and live turkeys.

The boat had been reported stolen in neighboring Jackson County and was found burned near the town of Ider, DeKalb County Sheriff's Office spokesman Tyler Pruett said in a statement.

"Following this discovery, a tip was received that the boat's motor and trailer were at a nearby residence on County Road 713," Pruett states.

While they investigated that tip with Jackson County Sheriff's Office, a Henagar police officer who had joined the probe made contact with a suspect in a theft near the residence which led investigators to the home where the trailer was found, Pruett states.

There, officers found antique furniture from a theft on County Road 108 between Rainsville and Sylvania, and they also found a stove and two air conditioning units that were stolen from County Road 762 near Henagar, Pruett said. 

There was a surprise waiting outside.

"Outside the residence, there was an enclosure with multiple live turkeys inside," Pruett said. "The turkeys were reported stolen from another residence on Highway 40 in Henagar. The enclosure containing the turkeys was also reported stolen from yet another residence on County Road 762."

Jonathan Thomas Howell, 42 of Ider, and Glenn Ray Carter, 58 of Henagar, were both arrested and charged with theft of property, first degree, burglary third degree, and receiving stolen property first degree, according to officials.

Howell was additionally charged with receiving stolen property, third degree, and Carter was additionally charged with receiving stolen property, fourth degree, officials said. 

Additional local charges are pending regarding the thefts in Henagar, Pruett said. 

"We were happy to be able to recover these items for the owners," DeKalb County Sheriff Nick Welden said in the statement.

"Such close cooperation between the DeKalb County Sheriff's Office, local departments, and adjoining agencies helped greatly in solving these thefts," he said.