82 Taco Bell

5422 Alabama Highway (NGA); Reasons including TCS foods hot holding below 135 degrees Fahrenheit. No thermometers in the bottom of the prep coolers. Outdoor garbage dumpster with open lids. One of the lids was broken build-up of debris and spilled food on floors throughout facility. Employee ear buds being stored on a box of salsa.

85 Sawasdee Thai Restaurant

4008 St. Elmo Avenue; Reasons including raw food products not stored according to cooking temperatures and above RTE foods in glass door cooler. Tofu sitting out at room temperature, product at 47*F. No datemarking provided for RTE TCS foods. In use utensils stored in standing water. Numerous non-food contact surfaces dirty. Clutter/distressed items noted in prep/storage areas.

86 State of Confusion

301 E. Main Street; Reasons including staff handled lemon with bare hand for customer's tea. Staff cell phone laid on cutting board at cold station for deserts. Build up underneath blade sharpener on slicer. Diced chicken, deli meats being held at room temp while processing 48-62 minimize time held in kitchen, 1 pan shredded lettuce 50. Flies present in bar.

88 Firehouse Subs

1820 Gunbarrel Road; Reasons including handwashing sink in back area and handwashing sink closest to customer entrance had no soap available for handwashing. Ice scoop stored imbedded in ice in ice machine. Stagnant wash water in triple sink temping 88*F. Back panel of ice machine dirty.

92 Shoney's

2318 Shallowford Village Road

93 Bonefish Grill

2115 Gunbarrel Road

94 Mcdonald's

4829 Brainerd Road

94 Imperial Garden

2288 Gunbarrel Road

95 Amigo's

3805 Ringgold Road

96 Subway

2206 E. 23rd Street

96 Fernandos

5308 Ringgold Road

96 Popeyes

6104 Ringgold Road

96 Checker's

4348 Ringgold Road

97 Kentucky Fried Chicken

2501 S. Broad Street

97 Waffle House #626

I-24 & US 11

97 Hana Steak and Sushi

2200 Hamilton Place Blvd.

98 Cadence Coffee at Common Grounds

#1 Fountain Square

98 The Corner Cafe

3920 Ringgold Road

98 Broad Street Grille

1201 Broad Street

98 KFC & Long John Silver's

4856 Highway 58

99 Buffalo Wild Wings

120 Market Street

99 Wild Burger

301 Holtzclaw Avenue

99 Popeyes

4428 Highway 58

100 2 Keto Chicks

2193 Park Drive

100 Bojangles

7987 East Brainerd Road

100 Mojo Burrito

9447 Bradmore Lane

100 Urban Stack

12 13th W. Street

100 Newk's Eatery

2380 Lifestyle Way