These are the real estate transfers for the period Sept. 27-Oct. 2. Information is prepared by Hunter Von Canon. Any questions may be addressed to John Vass Jr. at Chattanooga Times Free Press at 757-6322.



8918 Rostis Lane, N & R Properties to Kent Dickerson, $465,581.

800 Market St., Kendall H. Dreyer to William A. Fritts, $430,000.

129 Walnut St., #432, Museum Bluffs Condo LLC to Jeff Meadows, $421,000.

5011 Creekside Preserve Drive, Anthony W. & Lisa Burris Tuggle to Prudential Relocation Inc., $278,500.

8592 Flower Branch, G.T. Issa Construction LLC to Myles J. Mitchell, $273,500.

1912 Windy Oaks Lane, Federal National Mortgage Association to Alan Hensley, $272,000.

4316 Lakeshore Lane Unit 102, Sheila & Yves Remillard to TSG Management LLC, $229,000.

1439 Mari Jon Drive, Northwest Georgia Bank to Timothy S. Rippeto, $187,000.

1250 Chase Meadows Circle, Lonnie B. & Stephanie A. Evans to Christopher A. Torigian, $169,900.

5491 Mandarin Circle, Bank of America National Association to Mark E. Rehrer, $156,000.

8618 Clearwood Road, William F. & Julie B. Kesler to Nathan A. Coffee, $150,000.

202 Barbara Lane, Dien Chi & Be Thi Hoang Tran to James H. J. Oliver, $145,350.

6406 Brookmead Circle, Suntrust Banks Inc. to Justin Kleinfeld, $145,000.

6747 Hickory Creek Road, Mitchel Everhart to Johnny L. Johnston, $137,000.

8727 Winterberry Road, Federal National Mortgage Association to Azer Tojaga, $128,000.

1414 Continental Drive, Katherine L. McClure to Charles A. Comer trustee, $122,000.

6683 Hickory Brook Road, Norman T. & Eva Mae Chase to Wayne G. Upchurch Jr., $121,500.

7639 Dewayne Road, Ricky Levaughn & Madonna Ballard to Household Financial Center Inc., $108,375.

6398 Fairview Road, Frances M. & Donald E. Crowley to Howard R. Painter, $104,000.

207 Booth Road, James Young to Cielito Jones, $97,000.

4716 Mary Hall Lane, Donald R. & Ruth Geraldine Colbaugh to Jerry W. Cantrell, $95,000.

1700 E.12th St., U.S.Bank National Association, trustee, to Justin Allen, $83,500.

5801 Forest Ridge Drive, Federal National Mortgage Associaation to Kenneth N. Smith, $82,500.

21 Bohr Drive, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Paul Werner, $80,000.

4707 Clover Lane, George Anthony & Donna Kelley to HSBC Mortgage Services Inc., $74,077.

427 Browns Ferry Road, Riley Thomas Tucker to Thomas A. Pruitt, $72,000.

758 Emory Drive, Citimortgage Inc. to Adelphos of Chattanooga LLC, $59,900.

2102 Oak St., Mountainaire Properties LLC to Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise, $55,000.

927 Ely Road, Donald E. Flanigan to James A. King, $50,000.

4428 Seneca Ave., St. Elmo Presbyterian Church to Stephen S. Hawkins, $48,000.

3571 Crompton St., Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Ralston-Good Family Partnership, $43,900.

4913 Sunbeam Ave., HSBC Bank USA National Association, trustee, to VMH Properties LLC, $42,000.

1602 Duncan Ave., White Rock Investments LLC to William D. Kennedy, $41,000.

8234 Patterson Road, Jeffrey J. & Lauren D. Tabor to Dickson Family Properties LLC, $38,750.

3643 Crompton St., Bounlouang B. Pham to Reececo Properties LLC, $37,000.

1001 E. M. L. King Blvd. Gary Calvin & Amy Roberts Ball to Garrett Holland, $34,000.

701 Snow St., Clifford A. Dildy to James R. Crooks II, $32,000.

Wilkins Lane, Ronnie & Michelle Bull to T.L. Bailey, $30,000.

Mountain Creek Road, Raymond E. Robbins Jr. to Mary Ann Rennick, $30,000.

7363 Old Cleveland Pike, Jerry Hagan to Ward-Hill Properties LLC, $26,000.

5523 Miller Drive, BAC Home Loan Servicing LP to Virgle L. Hearn, $25,000.

5709 Tennessee Ave., Michael & Diane Payton to River City Industrial Inc., $25,000.

704 S. Greenwood Ave., James Johnson to Emerson Anthony Burch Jr., $20,000.

Delashmitt Road, George & Carole King Taylor to Alexandra Card, $16,500.

2302 Union Ave., M & T Bank to Steve Rhyne, $15,000.

5711 Tennessee Ave., Molly Culton to River City Industrial Inc., $15,000.

1903 S. Beech St., Roger G. & Deanna P. Lindsey Simcox to David Bryan McCrary, $15,000.

2100 Stuart St., Northwest Georgia Bank to Steve Vaughn, $11,000.

814 M. Germantown Road, Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., trustee, to Ken Ficken, $10,500.

1808 Dodson Ave, Federal National Mortgage Association to Hattie Floyd, $10,001.

3608 06th Ave., Linda Gail King to John S. Vaughn, $10,000.

West 46th St., Carlton J. Ditto to Corey Devaughn, $10,000.

246 Valleybrook Lane, Shih-yung & Hui-lan C. Chang to Todd A. Zumbrun, $10,000.

2013 Rawlings St., Federal National Mortgage Association to Bryon H. Lawson, $8,500.

Mountain Top Road, John M. McDonald to Brenda M. Crane, $7,500.

806 N.Orchard Knob Ave., U.S. Bank National Association, trustee, to Ssaz Investments, $7,000.

SUBTOTAL - $5,411,334


7549 Hampstead Hall Drive, Pratt Homebuilders LLC to John G. Whitaker, $272,955.

7711 Elizabeth Way Drive, James M. & Patricia J. Johnston to Mark E. Cuttle, $243,400.

9006 Lakeland Drive, John C. & Karen C. Shaia to William Kropff, $220,000.

7493 British Road, Ricky G. & Suzanne E. Thornburgh to Michael R. Wilson, $183,900.

8452 Standifer Gap Road, Robert M. Wojcik to Jesse B. Logan, $160,000.

7111 Hunter Forrest Drive, Kenneth A. Kolben, trustee, to Michael Gouge, $130,000.

9158 Westminister Circle Drive, Melvin K. & Linda P. Johnson to Christopher P. Goforth, $105,000.

3741 Windbridge Drive, Crystal Brook II LLC to Waldrep Construction LLC, $53,500.

SUBTOTAL - $1,368,755


9519 Rookwood Circle, Pratt Homebuilders LLC to Jeffrey A. Schassberger, $306,356.

5772 Sundown Court, Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Yanyun Chen, $155,000.

5708 Sunburst Court, Sharri Pellington to Gregory S. Kaminski, $148,000.

9609 Rookwood Circle, Lester Edward Hickman III & Kristen Hickman to Katie L. Dyer, $47,500.

SUBTOTAL - $656,856


3409 Lisa Drive, Betty Jo Parks to Sharp Properties LLC, $115,000.

SUBTOTAL - $115,000


10600 Skyridge Trail, Martin D. & Annette D. Baldenegro to Tyler James Properties LLC, $710,000.

1881 Basilica Court, Barry & Diane Evans to Wendy Kennedy, $209,900.

932 Spurling Drive, Leamon M. Springfield III & Judith A. Stringfield to Tammie L. Adkins, $125,000.

1824 Short Leaf Lane, Carlos M. & Flordaliza Marquez to Elizabeth G. Swiecichowski, $112,500.

15425 May Road, Jake E. Fuller to Kenny E. Fuller, $26,000.

Sawyer Pike, Wallace & Dorothy Barker to Michael Toews, $18,650.

Fairview Road, Iraj & Mary K. Radpour to James K. Rochelle, $8,500.

SUBTOTAL - $1,210,550


2215 Ashmore Ave., Astrid C. Williford to Laura K. Gilligan, $132,150.

2122 Lyndon Ave., Linda K. Rutledge to Lara M. Rollins, $119,000.

116 Signal View St., Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Cory S. Taylor, $105,900.

124 Browntown Road, R. Terry & Betsy Triplett to Ronnie Bull, $65,000.

SUBTOTAL - $422,050


25 Ridgerock Drive, Dennis J. & Nancy M. Hogan to Glyndwr John Rich, $612,500.

27 Shoal Creek Falls, David E. & Kay Wilson to William R. Lewis, $325,000.

926 Glamis Circle, John Mark & Susan Banks Griffin to Rachel A. Stuart, $290,000.

215 Arrow Drive, Mark Jason & Laura C. Bowling to Dixie Steinmann, $275,000.

SUBTOTAL - $1,502,500


10683 Lovell Road, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Larry Early, $49,000.

433 N. Bowman Road, SunTrust Bank to Hanna Loomis, $34,900.

SUBTOTAL - $83,900

TOTAL - $10,770,945



1010 E.3rd St., The McCravey Co. LLC to NGC Properties LLC, $1,600,000.

4886 Bonny Oaks Drive, P.E.B. LLC to Cornerstone Community Bank, $500,000.

1307 Hanover St., Roland A. & Laura S. Federico to Greenlife Management LLC, $275,000.

3210 Brainerd Road, George Melvin Cooper Jr. to Emerson Anthony Burch Jr., $25,000.

Ashland Terrace, MCC Outdoor LLC to Morris Communications Co. LLC, $5,400.

SUBTOTAL - $2,405,400


5302 Stone St., James L. Eidson to Emerson Properties LLC, $400,000.

SUBTOTAL - $400,000


7001 Middle Valley Road, Gibraltar Partners Company to Hoang Do Family Living Trust, $495,000.

SUBTOTAL - $495,000


Dayton Boulevard, MCC Outdoor LLC to Morris Communications Co. LLC, $13,760.

Dayton Boulevard, MCC Outdoor LLC to Morris Communications Co. LLC, $8,040.

SUBTOTAL - $21,800

TOTAL - $3,322,200