Dayton, Tenn., spa creates 'escape' for customers

Dayton, Tenn., spa creates 'escape' for customers

September 13th, 2011 by Kimberly McMillian in Business Around the Region

Lisa Nelson of Endless Escape Tanning & Health Spa in Dayton, Tenn., explains how to use far infrared medical saunas. Fiance and co-owner Lonnie Rogers sits inside.

  • Name: Endless Escape Tanning & Health Spa
  • Location: 1385 Maley Hollow Road, Suite 1 in Dayton, Tenn.
  • Contact: 423-285-5820 or email at
  • Owner: Lisa Nelson was a nurse before venturing into the tanning and health spa with her fiance and co-owner, Lonnie Rogers.
  • Inspiration behind the name: Nelson shared how her expertise in the medical field prompted her to find a way to "intertwine it" with a place for people to relax or tan.
  • Products and service: Tanning beds and lotions; far infrared medical saunas, used to aid with the relief of migraines or stress, pain management, cardiovascular health, skin conditions, weight loss; Disney snow globes; and "one-of-a-kind" shell jewelry and candles.
  • Investment: Nelson said it cost under $30,000 initially, but that "it's hard to give a good estimate" for the annual sales.
  • Prices: Tanning visits cost $4.50 each. Sauna usage costs $7 for 15 minutes or $11.50 for 30 minutes. Packages are available for five-visit, 10-visit or 15-visit increments and used for either tanning beds or saunas, up to a year from the purchase date.
  • Target market: "I want the avid tanners," she said, and to help those with health needs to use the saunas. Since its opening in June, the spa has had over 200 clients.
  • Biggest challenge: Advertising for a new business has been a challenge, she said, along with "overcoming the fears of failing" and taking steps slow to build on a good foundation.
  • Five-year goal: "We're looking forward to raising this baby from ground up" and have plans to expand in January with five additional beds, Nelson said.

-- Compiled by Kimberly McMillian, who is based in Rhea County. Contact her at