Small Biz: Web pro planning online strategies

Small Biz: Web pro planning online strategies

July 20th, 2012 by Carey O'Neil in Business Around the Region

Hoyt Jolly has a web application development company called Simulosity.

Photo by Angela Lewis /Times Free Press.

Name: Simulosity

Location: Mobile with offices at 100 Cherokee Blvd.,

Contact information: Owner Hoyt Jolly, 404-610-3310,

Products/services: Online strategy consulting, website design and project management. "My aim with Simulosity is to bridge the gap between a company and the Internet," Jolly said.

Age: Six months

Target market: Any business leaders struggling to figure out the best way to spend their online dollars. Jolly said companies can have difficulty deciding whether to design a website in-house or hire a designer, to create an interactive site or a static one, and with various other choices facing businesses entering the ever-growing online world. "I figure out how to connect those dots," he said.

Biggest hurdle: Finding clients. Just meeting the business owners who need his services can be a challenge for Jolly, then convincing them his services are worthwhile is another process. Jolly said working with the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce helped him network.

Biggest reward: Building a portfolio of work. Jolly is able to design a lot of his clients projects himself. "I like the feeling I get when I stay up all night building these things and get to see this mass of code form into something," he said.

Future goals: Jolly hopes to grow his client base and hire some marketing and development employees in the future. Ultimately he hopes his business will work in concert with other web design professionals' businesses to coordinate ambitious, groundbreaking projects.