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Top 10 airports

World rankings for fast WiFi service:

1. Suvarnabhumi Airport,Thailand

2. Chattanooga Airport, U.S.

3. Dublin Airport, Ireland

4. Vilnius International Airport, Lithuania

5. Helsinki Airport, Finland

6. Jl. Airport Ngurah Rai, Indonesia

7. Kaohsiung International Airport, Taiwan

8. Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Sweden

9. Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport, U.S.

10. Frankfurt Airport, Germany

Source: Rotten WiFi

Edvard Barreto of Los Angeles said at Chattanooga Airport on Wednesday that fast Wi-Fi is key for him as a business traveler.

"I always take time when I'm at the airport to work," he said. "I fly a lot."

Among the world's airports, Chattanooga's Lovell Field has the second-fastest Wi-Fi service, and it has the quickest in the United States, according the website Rotten WiFi.

The airport offers an average public Wi-Fi download speed of 30.98 Mbps, the website said.

Suvarnabhumi Airport in Thailand, also known as Bangkok International Airport, provides Wi-Fi download speeds at 41.45 Mbps and is No. 1 worldwide, the online site said. Suvarnabhumi is the 10th busiest airport in the world.

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Chattanooga Airport tile

Terry Hart, Lovell Field's chief executive, cited the use of EPB's ultra-fast Internet service, which has been offered at the airport since October. He, too, said it's important for business travelers, which make up 70 percent of traffic in Chattanooga.

"They have the ability to do the work they need to do while waiting at the airport," Hart said, noting the need for many people to be connected to the Internet at all times. "Our customers are winning."

Rotten WiFi said its users tested and evaluated the quality of WiFi in over 130 airports in 53 countries.

Five airports in Europe, two in America and three in Asia made to Top 10 list as fastest WiFi airports. Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport is the only other U.S. airport on the list, coming in 9th at 15.28 Mbps.

EPB deployed its Internet service at the airport at no cost to Lovell Field or to customers, Hart said. He said the airport permits EPB to showcase its service in what had been vacant space when the gift shop moved.

Traveler Bryson Popp of Chattanooga said at the airport that he thinks business people notice when it comes to having fast WiFi.

"It's an advantage to the city," he said.

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