Audia offers job applications for new plants

Audia offers job applications for new plants

March 11th, 2015 by Staff Report in Business Around the Region

Land is being cleared for a $50 million manufacturing plant by plastic maker Audia International in Walker County, Ga. A new railroad line will be built by the shortline railroad operator Genesee & Wyoming Inc., to serve the new facility.

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Audia International, a plastics maker that is preparing to build a $60 million manufacturing plant north of Lafayette, Ga., will begin distributing applications for the new plant jobs next week.

Walker County Commissioner Bebe Heiskell said today that representatives from Audia and the Georgia Department of Labor's Business Service Unit will be available on Friday, March 20th at the LaFayette Housing Authority on West Main Street in West LaFayette to provide job applications for the new facility planned in the Walker County industrial park. The main recruiting event for Audia will be held at the same location on April 24 with the state's customized recruitment team there to assist applicants through the application process.

Audia Group plans to begin production at the new 300,000-square-foot facility in August, producing plastics for the southeastern region and hire about 150 workers. That number could eventually double over time, according to the company.

"We appreciate the warm welcome we have received from the community and are looking forward to calling Walker County home for years to come," said Todd Gummersbach, a spokesman for Audia Group.

Larry Brooks, executive director for the Walker County Development Authority, said Audia "looked at many communities in which to locate this plant and decided Walker County was the best fit for them. Hats off to all those who worked with us to make this opportunity a reality."

Audia International is a 60-year-old, privately held company that operates 10 facilities with more than 1,000 employees. Audia's subsidiary companies include Uniform Color, Co., Washington Penn Plastic Co, Inc., and Southern Polymer, Inc.

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