There were no failures, but four Chattanooga area restaurants received relatively low scores this week after Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department inspections.

Employees not washing hands, food being kept at improper temperatures and grease buildup were among the reasons for the inferior marks.

Five area eateries received a perfect score of 100.


The Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department inspects restaurants twice a year and grades the businesses on a 100-point scale. Scores below 70 require corrective action.

Restaurants are reinspected if they fail to meet critical standards. To file a health-related complaint, call the Department of Environmental Health at 209-8110. The scores are original and do not reflect on-the-spot changes, which sometimes lead to upward adjustments.


No failures reported for the week ending May 8, 2019:


80 Taqueria Antiqua Guatamala

2005 East Main Street

Reasons include: staff not familiar with importance of washing hands between handling raw meat and ready to eat food; staff did not wash hands between handling raw chicken and handling cooked food; staff failed to wash hands after eating before returning to kitchen; raw chicken on prep table next to where ready to eat fools were being handled; food stored directly on floor and under hand sink.


82 Ruby Tuesday

5595 Highway 153

Reasons include: cook touching raw meat with gloves and then touching vegetables and other surfaces with those gloves; inside of microwave dirty; dishwasher thermometer not working; breading station cooler holding tilapia and chicken at incorrect temperatures.


84 Burger King

831 Battlefield Parkway (NGA)

Reasons include: utensils being stored in the clean dish area that were not clean to sight and touch; dishes stacked while they were still wet on shelving; hood not being cleaned frequently enough to prevent the accumulation of grease buildup.


88 Church's Chicken

3812 Brainerd Road

Reasons include: no towels at back hand sink; baking pans with heavy carbon build up — potential contamination when pans nested.


93 Mellow Mushroom

2318 Lifestyle Way


94 Mammie Carlotta's Tea Room

6725 Ringgold Road


94 Krystal #CHN011

6300 Ringgold Road


94 Boccaccia Ristorante Italiano

3077 S. Broad Street


94 Home Folks Restaurant

8981 Dayton Pike


94 Jack Browns Beer & Burger Joint

818 Georgia Avenue


96 Wendy's

3104 Broad Street


96 Marcos Pizza

6016 Ringgold Road


96 Amigos Mexican Restaurant

6830 Flamingo Lane


96 Captain D's Seafood

1690 E. 23rd Street


97 Chick-Fil-A

5740 Highway153


97 Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse

5621 Brainerd Road


98 KFC-Long John Silvers

5323 Highway153


98 J. Gumbo's

5123 Hixson Pike


98 Choo Choo BBQ

6410 Hixson Pike


99 DQ Grill & Chill

5433 Hwy 153


99 Wally's

1600 Mccallie Avenue


99 Scottie's Diner

8855 Dayton Pike


100 Domino's

9323 Apison Pike


100 Bread Basket

5023 A Hixson Pike


100 Zaxby's

5013 Hixson Pike


100 Sourdough Cuppa Joe

6707 Hixson Pike


100 Dunkin Donuts 35757

5024 Hunter Road