WhatsApp flaw allows for hacks

WhatsApp flaw allows for hacks

May 14th, 2019 by Staff and wire reports in Business Around the Region

WhatsApp says its popular communications app had a vulnerability that hackers used to deliver spyware.

The spyware allowed spies to effectively take control of dozens of phones in targeted operations. WhatsApp says the flaw has been fixed.

It did not directly affect the end-to-end encryption that makes WhatsApp chats and calls private.


Eye Associates buys Fort Oglethorpe firm

The Dalton, Georgia-based Professional Eye Associates last week relocated its Fort Oglethorpe office after acquiring Advanced Eye Center at 2498 Lafayette Road from Dr. Raymond DeBarge who will work alongside the new owners as he prepares to retire.

"Dr. DeBarge has taken great care of his patients for many years," said Dr. Bria Kim, who will work along with Drs. Josha Hendrix, Robi Wingrove, and Brittany Newman, at the Fort Oglethorpe office. "We are both honored and privileged to partner with him, and we will strive to provide the very best routine, medical, and surgical eye care for his patients."

Professional Eye Associates has served for more than 40 years with a staff of about 85 workers employed at offices in Dalton, Fort Oglethorpe, Chatsworth, Calhoun and Ellijay, Georgia.

The practice previously acquired Battlefield Optical from Dr. Edwin Hulse in 2015 in Fort Oglethorpe.


TVA tops among public utilities

The Tennessee Valley Authority performed as the top public utility in America for overall satisfaction and overall reliability for directly served customers, according to consumer feedback surveys gathered by the business evaluation company J.D. Power.

Among more than 100 utilities included in the J.D. Powers study, TVA ranked as the best publicly owned utility, although some investor-owned utilities still had higher marks overall.

"Our customers recognize the value of public power and our ability to provide clean, low-cost reliable energy to help them compete in the global market place," said Garry Harris, TVA's vice president of industrial marketing and services. "Our employees' work is focused on serving the people of the Tennessee Valley every day, and we are honored that our performance resulted in TVA being recognized as the top public power company in the J.D. Power rankings."

TVA's average industrial rates are in the lowest priced quartile among the Top 100 utilities in the country and TVA's regional peers.

"Recognition like J.D. Power shows that TVA is focused on keeping customers satisfied which lifts up our region as a whole."


Pro-company unions may end in Mexico

A federal labor official said Tuesday that a majority of Mexico's union contracts are probably fake, pro-company deals that provide only minimal wages and benefits.

But the unions behind those contracts are so weak they will probably disappear once the country's new labor reform goes into effect, Assistant Labor Secretary Alfredo Dominguez said.

"You can go to any store or hotel and ask workers, and they'll tell you they haven't seen their union contract; they don't know their union bylaws; they don't even know who their union leader is," he said.

The labor reform approved in April requires secret-ballot votes to elect union leaders and proof of workers' consent for contracts.

The overhaul was needed to win approval of the new U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement, which was negotiated to replace the old NAFTA accord.