This story was updated at 5:02 p.m. on Nov. 7, 2019, with more information.

For the second time in four months, the Chattanooga Beer and Wrecker Board has revoked the beer license of the Glass Street Lounge.

But the lounge's attorney said Thursday he planned to immediately appeal, and the business may keep serving beer if a judge permits it to do so pending a court hearing.

The appeal would be the second before Chancery Court for the business located at 2302 Glass St. In August, the beer board revoked the lounge's license, but the business kept on serving awaiting a trial on its initial appeal, said board attorney Keith Reisman.

The second revocation involved an incident at the lounge on Sept. 9, just a day or two after it reopened following the first revocation, said Reisman.

According to Chattanooga police, a fight between two women occurred at the lounge after 11 p.m. One woman was believed stabbed and was transported to Erlanger. The board revoked the lounge's license under a provision that owner Tyrone Brumfield had operated a disorderly place.

But attorney Lloyd Levitt, representing the lounge, said that when a fight breaks out, the operator can only do so much. He added that Brumfield had security at the lounge.

"He wasn't operating a disorderly house," Levitt said.

Still, the beer board said that the lounge had four prior violations since December 2013, with the last one less than five months ago and resulting in the first revocation in August.

Board member Christopher Keene said five violations in about five years is "way too many."

"This gentleman doesn't seem responsible enough to run a club," he said.

Brooke Bradley-King, another panel member, said she agreed "completely." She said that just having two security personnel in the lounge that holds nearly 100 people wasn't enough.

Chattanooga Police Officer Chandler Cooke told the beer board that the stabbing victim had received wounds to the head and chest and at one point was listed as "critical" at Erlanger.

But the board was told that the woman didn't want to appear at the meeting, though she sent a statement.

Brumfield said that he was at the lounge when the fight broke out but that the two women involved left on their own and he called police. He said that security had been using hand-held metal detectors on patrons entering the lounge.

"We have a zero-tolerance policy," Brumfield said, adding that he doesn't know if a stabbing took place inside the lounge.

Reisman asked Brumfield, who said he was working behind the bar when the fight broke out, if he had been "putting your head in the sand."

Brumfield said he hadn't, and that he saw blood outside the lounge.

Board member Vince Butler offered the motion to revoke the beer permit.

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